8 Unannounced Games We Already Know About

The gaming industry has a knack for announcing games long before ACTUALLY announcing them. Here are 8 such games that haven't had a formal reveal but we know are on the way.

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nicksetzer12096d ago

Looking forward to almost all of those. Especially Gears!!

Magicite2096d ago

Anything from Square Enix is a welcome.

OpieWinston2096d ago
Let me guess you welcome that to huh?

Square Enix is turning into Capcom, making all the wrong decisions.

EZMickey2096d ago

@OpieWinston final fantasy aside, last gen, square enix increased the variety and quality in their publishing portfolio substantially. they've put their stamp on too many great game experiences I've had for me to agree that they've just been making bad decisions.


Far Cry 4 has me Excited the most!

COMoneyBags2095d ago

Why do you have so many disagrees? Is it because of Gears?

nicksetzer12095d ago

Yep, just mentioning gears is enough to get disagrees on this site. It is infested with completely irrational Sony fanboys.

Matt6662095d ago

Another Tomb Raider - no (the only ones I enjoyed and I though that are good are the PS1 era Tomb Raiders)
Hitman - Yes, I always enjoy the Hitman Games.
Deus Ex - Never Played so can't say.
Gear of Wars - Yes, always been good series.
Star Wars Project - Not sure about that.
Far Cry 4 - Another yes, such a great series,
Mass Effect 4 - Another yes.
Homefront 2 - Can't say, never played the first one

cfc782095d ago

I think you really missed out on Deus Ex one of the best games i played last gen and so cheap to buy these days,ever stuck for a game id highly recommend that 1.

Matt6662095d ago

@cfc78 Thanks for the Recommendation, will look into it.

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Bonkerz2096d ago

Good god i cannot wait for gears.

redwin2096d ago

I want to play anything that black tusk first puts out, it's going to be their pace setter.

JeffGUNZ2095d ago

Gears of War and Mass Effect 4 and I'm in heaven.

MrSwankSinatra2096d ago (Edited 2096d ago )

I can't wait for a new deus ex, human revolution was amazing minus the boss battles.

eaise2096d ago

Could have added Dishonored 2 to this list. I know it is still just rumored but I believe one or two others on the list are only rumored as well.

Hellsvacancy2095d ago

And Fallout 4, we KNOW it's coming

cfc782096d ago

That's a great list of games the pressures on ubi now to deliver.

redwin2096d ago

Oh, that Division looks amazing . How about new Rainbow Six 3. I say "3" because it was all close combat.

EZMickey2096d ago

they're busy with rainbow six patriots

redwin2096d ago

Delay that order, private ! "3" is what it is .

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The story is too old to be commented.