Dead Underground turns London’s subway map into a zombie-strategy blast

GamesBeat: Creating tension and excitement in a free browser game is a tough ask, but this is one zombie title worth diving into from your desk.

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ColManischewitz2099d ago

Too bad the Bay Area's BART and Muni systems have above-ground components. Would love to see this adapted for those.

Raistlinhawke2099d ago

That would be amazing! Although I'm not sure we'd notice too much of a change at the Embarcadero station. Shambling masses of undead seem to regularly board off there already.

darkronin2292099d ago (Edited 2099d ago )

At first I thought this was one of those real-life zombie games actually taking place in the Tube. But I guess that would be a nightmare for security/regular passengers.

Sadie21002099d ago

This is clever. Agreed we need one for San Francisco's BART. NYC, too.