I Dislike Multi-Player Trophies

Ryan expresses his opinions on multi-player trophies and why obtaining a platinum trophy should be achievable playing the single player portion of games.

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MrSwankSinatra2095d ago (Edited 2095d ago )

There is so many games i would like to platinum, unfortunately though they're riddled with multiplayer trophies that have ridiculous requirement. An lets be honest every game that has a multiplayer, more than likely you're not gonna like every single one of them. An if you're trying to get the platinum for a certain game you're screwed. I wouldn't mind if it was a simple requirement like "Play this mode once" to unlock this trophy, but that's not always case. You always get this type of trophy though "Reach level 50" to unlock this trophy.

thorstein2095d ago

Not only that, but I wonder if there could be a Platinum that doesn't require every single trophy. I think that would be worth it.

You can get a Gold for getting all MP trophies, but the Plat wouldn't be contingent on getting "all trophies."

christian hour2095d ago

This is one thing Naughty Dog seem to have nailed pretty well. Uncahrted 2 had zero MP trophies as far as I can remember, uncharted 3's ones were literally "Play a round of MP" and The Last of Us was very similar. 95% of the Trophies were single player related, and the multiplayer ones didn't require hours of grinding, at least 2 rounds of MP, maybe 12 rounds with the last of us (I cant remember the exact amount). Nothing too heavily skill based or grinding based. Perfect if you ask me :)

I'm not a fan of MP, I only ever play a short amount then go back to explore the single player in a game for the umpteenth time and appreciate the level design (assuming theres anything there worth appreciating)so MP trophies/Achievements have always annoyed me.

Im literally 10-40 points off 1000 in halo 3, halo:reach and halo 4 because of silly little MP achievements. I think in halo 3 the one I'm missing is mow down five people on a mongoose or something like that. I spent a weekend trying this, round after round, until it dawned on me I'm no longer playing the MP the way I'm supposed to,and I'm letting the rest of the team down. Or sometimes you'd get thrown in to a round where nobody is playing the game because they're all lining up and helping each other get that Splaser achievement.

dodgemoose2095d ago (Edited 2095d ago )

Sorry but you're wrong about The Last of Us' multiplayer trophies. The two journeys required some grinding.

The Great Melon2095d ago

Uncharted 2 had I think 2 multiplayer trophies, but as with Uncharted 3 they were simply play a co-op match and play a multiplayer match.

avengers19782095d ago

My main problem with MP trophies is the ones that they take away from you playing the MP to the best of your ability, cause your trying to get a trophy for unlocking everything, or building up certain weapons, reaching max levels with multiple different characters, or the ones that require that not only you do well, but so does your teammates. There should be only be trophies for your own skills. I just don't seem to care that much about getting plats that much though, I mean there are plenty of games that I didn't like enough to play through more than once, or even finish the first time.

rainslacker2094d ago

I don't mind the simpler MP trophies. Ones that maybe have you play 10 or 100 matches. Ones that require you to grind out a ridiculous number of kills or perform some super hard thing that requires the cooperation of the rest of the team I don't bother with.

Overall, if someone doesn't like MP trophies, or doesn't like playing MP, then the simplest thing to do would be to not go for them. Same goes for SP in this regard If one isn't going to have fun trying to get those trophies then I don't see the point. I would love to get a platinum for FFX-HD, but I'm not going to suffer through the poor control of the chocobo races, or try to dodge 200 lightning bolts. The time required to do so could be spent having fun with another game IMO.

I'm pretty OCD about such things, but I know that not getting a platinum on a game isn't the end of the world.

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RiPPn2095d ago

Me2, in fact I didn't platinum several games like Assassins Creed after 2, Tomb Raider, etc. for this reason. Grabbed all the single player trophies though.

kyzer19782095d ago

Totally agree with this article. There are so many great games that have completely nonexistent multiplayer modes. You shouldn't be shit out of luck because a game's multi-player servers are no longer running.

blackblades2095d ago

Most games shouldn't have mp trophies, but cod deserves them since people play that none stop, you can still get matches in waw.

christian hour2095d ago

Haha agreed, in CODs case, it shouldnt have Single Player Trophies/Achievements :P

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