Visual Downgrades: A Growing Concern

Hardcore Gamer: Graphics aren't the most important element of a game, and there are plenty of outstanding games with less than impressive visuals. Still, to see the game looking as good as it did only to now look not quite as good is a disappointment, and it should be a wake up call for every gamer to look at all early in development game footage with a very skeptical eye. Considering The Division is also a Ubisoft title and that looked even better than Watch Dogs ever did when it was revealed last year, caution is certainly warranted.

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ValKilmer2108d ago

It's really scary, especially with Ubisoft boasting their games are the best thing since sliced bread. I mean calling The Division "the most detailed video game ever made" like it's nothing is worrisome indeed.

Muerte24942108d ago

No downgrade over here with Infamous:SS. Thanks to the talent and dedication over at Sucker Punch, we received an incredibly detailed Seattle. The attention to detail in Infamous is just staggering and definitely raised the bar.

GarrusVakarian2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

"The attention to detail in Infamous is just staggering and definitely raised the bar."

Agreed. I've been taking a look through the NeoGAF thread made specifically for Infamous SS photo mode screenshots and saw this -

Mind. Blown.

On topic: What we see at E3 usually differs a little from what we see in the end product. I've come to expect it now. Without mentioning any names, there have been one or two games so far this gen that have received pretty significant visual downgrades, and maybe those devs went a little too far. But im not really worried about it overall. As long as games still wow me and play great, i don't care.

Watch Dogs still looks great, despite not looking like the initial reveal. The recent PS4 gameplay trailers have put any doubts to rest.

christian hour2107d ago (Edited 2107d ago )

I don't think The Division will suffer in the same regard as Watchdogs did, being a next-gen exclusive rather than a cross-gen title. I said from day one when Watchdogs was shown "I wish they'd show how it looks on ps3/360 as well, so people won't freak when they finally see it", and I feel that the ps4/xb1 versions may have taken a visual hit for parity sake. If only they'd been more transparent to begin with, the fallout may not have been as bad. But sadly we live in a world where the industry is plagued by PR that only want to show the prettiest version of a game and hope that the average uninformed gamer is gullible enough to think they'll be getting a similar visual experience on their 360's and ps3's.

A recent example of how to do it correctly, was Konami/Kojima Productions having a page set up specifically that compared and discussed the differences of Ground Zeroes across all 4 platforms, fair play to them. I've been calling for that sort of honesty in the gaming industry for at least a decade now it feels.

Back to the division, I really don't think it will take as big a visual hit as Watch Dogs, but there is no reason to think what we've seen so far has been running on high end gaming PC's and that the console versions won't hold up the same crisp fidelity of whats been shown, but I also don't think it will take as much of a graphical downgrade as watchdogs seems to have taken.

Third party multi-platform games have never been the mark of graphical quality on consoles, so people shouldn't be too surprised when they don't hold up next to a console exclusive.

Sure Second Son looks absolutely fantastic, one of the best looking sandbox games I've ever had the pleasure of witnessing, and Photo Mode is absolutely beautiful to play around with, but to compare Watch_dogs or even The Division to it, is Apples and Oranges, plain and simple. The Division isn't even a sandbox game as far as I can tell so it will probably sport higher-res textures than second son. We won't really know until these games are released and in the hands of gamers.

I do wish Ubisoft would quit it with the incredibly doctored promotional screenshots of watch_dogs though, it's just insult to injury for a lot of gamers that were disappointed upon learning they wouldn't be playing that gorgeous e3 2012 build.

randomass1712107d ago

It's just something to keep an eye out for, I think. Aliens Colonial Marines was also marketed to look and play much better and more interestingly than the final product. I think this is more attributed to third party devs since first party cannot afford those kinds of mistakes, but the concern still stands.

AgentSmithPS42106d ago

I want them to stop lying, stop fooling people by saying "it looks the same", stop scaring people with threats of parity by saying "it looks the same", etc.

Just do your best for each system and spend relatively the same amount of time on each version, don't waste your time and ours, and don't nerf the quality.

andrewer2107d ago

EA: Good graphics that are a bigger concern. The problem in Graphics are in the boring gamers :/

dcj05242107d ago

The recent downgrade was Dark Souls 2 and Forza 5. Watch_dogs and infamous SS never wwere.

Dynasty20212107d ago

If anyone thinks this won't be the norm throughout this entire "generation" of consoles, they're fooling themselves.

randomass1712107d ago

I don't know, there was a lot of controversy with Watch Dogs. I think publishers will definitely want to avoid that in future.