E3 2014 Microsoft Predictions: Halo 5, Banjo 3, Alan Wake 2, Forza Horizon 2, New IP's

E3 2014 for Microsoft and the Xbox One is shaping up to be a blockbuster event. Gamers know a new Halo is coming, but what about the return of some franchises like Banjo Kazooie, Alan Wake, and Forza Horizon?

Neonridr3322d ago

Alan Wake 2 will make me weep that I probably won't ever own an Xbox One. Alan Wake was easily my favorite game last gen.

GarrusVakarian3322d ago (Edited 3322d ago )

Yeah, Alan Wake was such an awesome game, one of my favourites of last gen. Alan Wake 2 would be a day 1 buy, same with Forza Horizon 2.


Same here. When i first head of it i was sceptical, i thought it was going to flop and it would just be a poor Forza spin-off. But i was wrong and ended up really enjoying it.

4logpc3322d ago

I fell in love with the first Forza Horizon. I didnt think it would be good at all, but it ended up being my favorite Forza game.

Gazondaily3322d ago

I doubt Alan Wake 2 will happen, not at this year's E3 anyway. Remedy have a lot on their plate with Quantum Break.

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jivah3322d ago

My guess is that Conker is making a return. Alan wake was pretty good too. Wouldn't mind another one... But didn't the sales of the first one kinda kill it. I think it would be too risky financially

123pol3322d ago

Alan wake is awesome and is still awesome even after 7 playthroughs .. ( its my favorite game of all times )

BUT ! it will not be released before 2017 maybe 18 if at all ( it did not sell that much ).. Remedy is a small team and are now bussy with making quantum break and will prolly see a 2015 release and then if there will be some DLC to QB they are not going to be able to start working on alan wake 2 untill mid or late 2015.
And dev time is at lest 2 - 3 years normally .. and remedy takes more time then that to make sure they release a masterpice

Pogmathoin3322d ago

Jaysus, would someone please just give me a Fallout???

mikeslemonade3322d ago

Yea what Valle said. Quantum Break means there will be at most
just a teaser of Alan Wake. Besides.. QB looks almost in the same vain as AW.

AW was a great game and looked great for a 360 game. It wouldn't sell me on a X1 though.

Anon19743322d ago (Edited 3322d ago )

I just couldn't get into Alan Wake on my 360. I think that was the last game I bought on the platform, actually. On paper, I should have loved this game but in reality there wasn't enough about the gameplay that had me sticking around. Tried to get into it multiple times and just couldn't do it, and oddly I feel a bit guilty that I didn't like it. I'd certainly like to see more games like Alan Wake. I guess I bought it, so there was my support even if I didn't love the game.

Still, it really didn't sell that well for a AAA game as far as I understand. Very few games ever hit a million copies sold, but games with a AAA budget need to do better than that to justify their dev and marketing budgets. I don't know that it sold enough on the XBox 360 to justify a sequel. I think it just barely broke a million.

I hate to say it, and no trolling intended here, but I think it'd do better with the demographics of the PS3/PS4 when you consider the types of games that sell on the Xbox. I mean, if a niche game like Heavy Rain can do something like 3 million on the PS3, Alan Wake 2(also a similarly niche title) would probably do better on another platform. I know the superfans out there like to deny that certain games simply didn't do well on the 360 compared to others, but it's the truth, and you'd have to be crazy to think developers last gen didn't notice this as well.

I guess it depends on how Quantum Break does on the Xbox One. That'll be a good test to see what the Xbox One's primary demographic will support. Quantum Break looks like it should be huge, but will Xbox One fans support this type of linear, scripted experience? And what of it's multiplayer component? I thought I read somewhere it had something planned.

DigitalRaptor3322d ago (Edited 3322d ago )

@ Darkride66

Nice account. I enjoyed what I played of Alan Wake.

Quantum Break has the ability to be huge for MS, I think they will give it a very deserving marketing push that Alan Wake simply didn't get. Its success really depends on how MS treats it alongside their staples. I agree that games like that tend to do better on PlayStation platforms, but I think that's only cause Sony does more of those kind of games than MS does.

Can't wait to see more on that game.

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Nitrowolf23322d ago

It why I'm interested in Quantum Break. Loved Alan Wake, don't think 2 going to be announced thouhg since Remedy is working on Break.

Neonridr3322d ago

I guess it depends on how far Remedy is on development of QB. I guess there could always be a teaser trailer, although what would be the point. Even if QB releases later this year, it means that AW2 wouldn't be arriving until 2016 sometime.

OpieWinston3322d ago

Considering Quantum Break is slated for a Late 2014/Early 2015 release window. They should be far enough in that they MAY have an announcement for Alan Wake 2 like they did with the first.

But if Alan Wake 2 were to happen it'd be if they absorbed Remedy as a First party studio.

Jazz41083322d ago

I would love to see a new lost oddesey.

AngelicIceDiamond3322d ago

These predictions are stretching its hopes a little. Let me see if I can put my input on it.

"Alan Wake 2" A teaser is very possible as far as a full reveal I'm not seeing it happening considering Remedy's all time focus on Quantum break. Like I said a tease is possible but even then I wouldn't cross fingers.

"Banjo Kazooie" Is apparently not happening.

Rare's made it clear before they don't wish to go back to the older franchises but hinted at making something new and creative. So expect new Rare Ip's but no Banjo or any older games.

"Forza Horizon 2" Most definitely possible Horizon showcase at E3.

"Halo 5" Will have a stage demo showing off all its next gen goodness.

"Price Cut" A must. Historically X1 is outdoing 360 by a large margin but the sales are dragging behind PS4 and the gap seems to be widening significantly each month. MS needs that price cut because notice how MS isn't justifying its 500$ tag anymore. So yes 400$ immediately following post E3 is a must.

"New Ip's" Absolutely. New Ip's should be the staple of MS E3 showcase. AAA new hardcore exclusives will be shown and hopefully they're badass.

Other mentions like:

Fable Legends gameplay.

Maybe a Gears tech demo.

possible New crackdown teaser.

Twisted Pixel new project.

Insomniac Sunset Overdrive.

MS Japan new Ip's.

More Indie support.

Yeah there's allot to look forward to at MS conference and I'm pumped.

Dudebro903322d ago

The article says that Banjo can be done by a different dev team than rare, similar to how Killer Instinct was handled. I could totally see that happening.

smashman983322d ago

that link you supplied for the banjo kazooie thing isnt for banjo kazooie at all, rather its actually for a spiritual successor that former members of rare were gonna work on called mingy jongo. Rare on the other hand has stated to expect the revitalization of an old franchise this e3.

OpieWinston3322d ago

Well Phil Spencer clarified that they had unannounced STUDIOS to reveal at E3. So they could be studios dedicated to making Rare games like Banjo or Conker. We know that KI3 was a hit with Double Helix and clearly Rare is still dedicated to making fun new games. They'll probably continue down that path.

Playgound WILL show off Horizon 2.

Alan Wake 2 MIGHT get a teaser, I remember Sam Lake releasing a video of why they weren't doing Alan Wake 2 last year but maybe Microsoft is absorbing Remedy. (It'd be a great move)

I could see a Halo 5 Beta trailer AFTER they show off Halo 2 Anniversary.

Lawboy23322d ago (Edited 3322d ago )

I'm looking forward to what the new studios have been working on

Platform next
Undead labs

I'm wondering why Microsoft signed/bought these studios...I'm also hoping they announce the other studios they have acquired...I would love to see some games from the new studios

@ opie

Wow we posted about the new studios at the same time....Lol...great minds man


Phil Spencer has been saying (since last year) that MS will be bringing back more classic franchises like they did with Killer Instinct, so expecting another Conker, and or Banjo is not out of the question. I do agree with u on Alan Wake though.

AngelicIceDiamond3322d ago (Edited 3322d ago )

@Dude, @Smash and Melman thanks for the clear up. It looks like we could see some of our old favorites from Rare afterall.

Can't wait.

frostypants3322d ago

Yeah, the guy took the stuff that everybody knows, then just added a bunch of baseless speculation. Voila...article finished!

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Ghost_Nappa3322d ago

Sadly, Remedy is making quantum break so alan wake 2 probably won't happen.

OrangePowerz3322d ago

I think Alan Wake 2 at E3 is very unlikely. I don't see Remedy letting any other studio do a sequel and they are not big enough to make another game at the same time while doing Quantum Break.

DigitalRaptor3322d ago (Edited 3322d ago )

Yeah, I don't see them announcing a game that is 3 or 4 years away.

Not unless they're pressured into providing a snappy teaser just for E3's sake.

QuickdrawMcgraw3322d ago

I also enjoyed Alan Wake...After the (maybe) release of AW 2...I will look forward to AW 3 on the XBOX 2...

BX813322d ago

Yeah, Wake was an awesome game.

hkgamer3322d ago

from watcing my friend play AW, it did seem interesting.

I don't think AW2 would be revealed though. I think Remedy busy with their new game and AW seemed to be a flop in terms of sales and review.

Automatic793322d ago

An Alan Wake tease would be awesome. Conker bad fur day would definitely be a day one for me. I hope a nice new horror or action based story game makes it in to Xbox One library.

ATi_Elite3322d ago (Edited 3322d ago )

I'm Getting Alan Wake 2 on PC and so should you.

MS made EASY MONEY porting AW to PC that they will make a PC version available maybe even DAY 1.

Alan Wake PC sold like HOTCAKES. MS is a greedy corporation that likes Money so I expect the morons running MS to make a PC version available at some point seeing how the PC version is now outselling the X360 version.

over 3 million units sold. 1.5m x360 and OVER 1.5m PC and rising

GREAT GAME no matter the platform.

Neonridr3322d ago

if it comes for PC, I will definitely pick it up.

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mikel10153322d ago

I doubt Banjo 3 because they just cancelled the spiritual successor a little while ago.

Fireseed3322d ago

That had absolutely nothing to do with Microsoft and was a indie project by the original team.

christocolus3322d ago (Edited 3322d ago )

Banjo , halo, alan wake 2 and many new ips. If MS makes these announcements ill go crazy.

I know a few guys who will buy an xbox one just for alan wake2 and a new banjoe.

Ms needs to hit hard this E3.

Dannyh3322d ago

Maybe Microsoft hired the original team to make a new banjo game

mhunterjr3322d ago

What does that cancelled indie project have to do with Microsofts e3? The project could have been cancelled because MS is doing an official successor .

Dudebro903322d ago

I really hope Halo 5 isnt pushed to 2015. That would maje me sad. I really want to try Halo in 60 FPS.

Gazondaily3322d ago

I kinda wish it does come out in 2015. Destiny will be taking the limelight this year anyway.

Automatic793322d ago

I agree Septic. Halo Anniversary can hold us up till 2015.

Also would like to see a new Perfect Dark.

Dannyh3322d ago

They will probably give a halo 5 demo with the purchase of halo 2 aniv

hkgamer3322d ago

I'd say for major releases give it a little more time. It's a brand new hardware, more time means better results.

DigitalRaptor3322d ago

Halo 2 Anniversary is this year's holiday gift from MS to Halo fans.

Halo 5 is next year, I'm pretty sure on that. But they will make a song and dance around it, and demo it and continue to get people hyped for it.

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DryBoneKoopa853322d ago

Alan Wake 2! YES PLEASE!

Banjo Kazooie 3! YES PLEASE!

I also wouldn't mind a Viva Pinata 3 as well.

DaleCooper3322d ago

I love the Viva Pinata series, I'll agree to that!

RedCloud883322d ago

Loved those games. Could see this happening with a windows 8.1 f2p tie in. Like a 2d top down pinata on phones and tablets and a full 3d version on console where the parks where interplayable.

LAWSON723322d ago (Edited 3322d ago )

Banjo Threeie, better be the name if it ever happens lol.

DaleCooper3322d ago

It's definitely going to be Halo 2 HD announced for Fall 2014.

I'll be buying Forza Horizon 2 as I loved the first one! As for a new Banjo, I could take it or leave it, they'd really have to wow me to get to buy it.

I think we will see an official price cut announced at E3, I don't see why not? MS keeps saying they're in it to win it, well that's what they're going to have to do to have a chance at all to win this console generation.

Now, my mind will explode if Alan Wake 2 is announced, but I doubt that will happen this year (maybe, hopefully, next year.) Oh and it's my belief we will see a Battletoads HD remake based on the arcade game, which was actually pretty violent, but tons of fun! I also think a Battletoad character will show up in the 2nd season of Killer Instinct because the new devs are just crazy enough to do this!

Dannyh3322d ago

That would be bad ass to add a character to killer instinct,if not battletoads maybe someone from halo or gears