The PlayStation 4 Has Plenty of Games to Offer

Are you sick of hearing that the PS4 doesn't have any games? Nick D. is, and he explains why this is far from the truth in his latest Gamemoir post.

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aceitman2105d ago

And its not always about AAA games , indie games are the start of big devs , and with the ps4 it shows full 1080p 60fps, with the games showing so much detail and clarity especially on larger tvs.

Neonridr2105d ago

Dead Nation was only 30fps (just pointing that out).

Indie games are nice sure, but let's look at the indie games we have gotten so far with PS+. Contrast was an ok game, cool ideas, but sort of lacking. Resogun was a fantastic brilliant launch game. Don't Starve while nice, is just a PC port. Dead Nation is just an enhanced version of a previous game (I still enjoyed it because I never played the PS3 version, but someone else may not be as excited if they already played it). Outlast was a great game, but again, another PC port. I beat it on my PC already, and while I am playing it again just to get some trophies, obviously it lost a lot of its wow-factor because I already know the story. Mercenary Kings is fun if you are into Metal Slug, Contra, etc, but again, wouldn't call it a deep, immersive experience or anything. Nothing that I couldn't get on my 3DS or Super Nintendo even for that matter.

The First party games have been pretty solid and have shown the power of the PS4 nicely (Killzone and Infamous). However the 3rd party games are ones that aren't screaming out saying you have to own the next gen version as games like Call of Duty, BF4, AC4, Thief, Tomb Raider, Rayman, Lego Hobbit are all games you can get on previous gen systems and be just as content.

So while yes it may have some games, are the games really that different yet aside from a better resolution?

That being said, it's still early and I am sure we will see a bunch of great new games in the pipeline for the PS4 at E3, so it's not like this is the end of the world or anything.

kenmid2105d ago

So are saying games are clearer on larger tv's

S2Killinit2105d ago

i think he means the larger the tv, the more it matters that the resolution be high. (1080p)

aceitman2105d ago

yes thank you S2Killinit

Software_Lover2105d ago

WTF does resolution have to do with anything?

Cueil2104d ago

yes... because what I want is to pay 20 bucks for a game I payed 99 cents for on Steam over the holidays

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neocores2105d ago

I enjoy all the indie and free games I get. So people who say ps4 has no games your either butt hurt or just a fanboy.

KinjoTakemura2105d ago

The funny thing is that ps4's indies have higher average review ratings than most of xb1's AAA games.

medman2104d ago (Edited 2104d ago )

#Realfacts... indies are a vital part of gaming. They allow fledgling devs to build a brand and their portfolio. Not every game can be, or needs to be, a multimillion investment that when it fails causes companies to go belly up. I'm looking forward to Transistor myself, from the brilliant Bastion devs. I'm looking forward to games like No Man's Sky or Below as much as a game like Destiny or The Division. That is the beauty of variety in gaming. I cannot fathom why some people can't see that, and refuse to acknowledge the importance of the indie scene.

MysticStrummer2105d ago

I'm not sick of hearing it. I just think it's funny.

DigitalRaptor2105d ago

It was funny last-gen. It's still funny now, but it still needs clarification.

"Year of the PS3" was mocked, but it didn't even need that title (yet another stupid trait of gaming journalism) when it was getting a great, diverse lineup of exclusive games every year.

MysticStrummer2105d ago

Agreed, but the people doing that stuff either already know they're wrong or they're just plain delusional. Either way, correct them all you want but they'll just keep doing it. It happens here everyday.

It is good to clarify though, so an uninformed person doesn't see only the BS.

DigitalRaptor2104d ago

Good point, but someone needs to do it.

It's annoying that videos like this from people like BlackbusterCritic need to be made to make points about the spreading of misinformation:

SixtyNine2105d ago

Shouldn't the console speak for itself? :)

TitanUp2105d ago

some people seem to forget that the ps4 actually has games, not sure why that is even if they are 3rd party and released on older consoles.

i would rather play cleaner games on a machine that is new compared to a fossil.

Speak_da_Truth2105d ago

Most ppl saying that ps4 has "no games" are ppl who don't even own one. (xbox fanboys)

princejb1342105d ago

i have a ps4 and so far the indie games haven't been very exciting to me
the only amazing indie game was resogun in my opinion.
i need more AAA games, been mostly using my ps4 for netflix and hulu

anwe2105d ago

I'm in the same boat. I applaud indie devs making an attempt, but I have yet to see any indie game I actually wanted to play, on any platform.

fluke82104d ago

I have had a ps4 since launch and I am still waiting for something to come out to excite me. I did not buy the console for indie games that could be run on my ps3 or ipad. I want some really great AAA games that I know couldn't be ran on my other devices. My ps4 has been sitting on my shelf for the past few months while my ps3 has been on every day.

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