Breaking: SCEA Kills OPM

Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) and Ziff Davis Game Group jointly announced today that they have mutually agreed to discontinue production on the Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine (OPM) in North America. The SCEA-licensed publication is apparently being phased out in favor of online content.

"A key element of the OPM magazine was the playable PlayStation disc packed in with every magazine. With the launch of the PLAYSTATION 3 (PS3) computer entertainment system and its full network and Web capabilities, we are focused on delivering content via the PlayStation Network and website, not discs," said Peter Dille, senior vice president of marketing, SCEA. "While we have enjoyed a very good run with the printed version of Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine, we feel it is important to shift assets online to meet the needs of today's PlayStation consumer. This is a natural evolution of our content delivery strategy."

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Blackmoses4446d ago

That's a pretty slick move by Sony and I must say pretty cool but what about all those PS2 consumers out there. I mean they are just gonna stop producing PS2 demos, what about them? They can't access it through thier PS2.

kingofps34446d ago (Edited 4446d ago )

say goodbye to printed version of the magazine.

DJ4446d ago

PSM is still my favorite though so it's not too big of a deal. Though it might leave non-broadband users out in the cold, getting rid of demo discs makes sense since it's not only cheaper to put everything online, it's exposed to a larger percentage of gamers. Every person that gets a PS3 gets free online, so no worries there.

calderra4446d ago

If I paged back through the past year, wouldn't I see you slamming 360 and Microsoft for not doing enough to make updates available for gamers who can't get online?

Ravenator5294446d ago

OPM was great bathroom reading material!

Islandkiwi4446d ago

I don't know why Sony would want to pull themselves off of it becomes a magazine only, is that so horrible?

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