Eve Online developers facing MMA fighter

Icelandic video game developing studio CCP Games has announced a secret project that has been going on behind closed doors. During the upcoming Eve Fanfest, personnel from the studio will be facing renown Mixed-martial-arts fighter Gunnar “Gunni” Nelson in an “Eve of Destruction.”

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2107d ago
syne492107d ago

How could any of these people possibly think this is a good idea?

FITgamer2107d ago

It's not like they are gonna get beat down. It's a grappling match. Give them a little bit of work out.

2106d ago
RoboticusRex2107d ago

They should spend more time fulfilling their promises with DUST and less time pretending to MMA. I used to be a fan of CCP till DUST 514 languished in mediocrity.

DethWish2106d ago

Should spend their cash on improving eve instead of this silliness