Top 6 Worst Games of The Last Generation

The Seventh generation of consoles was probably the most influential in the short history of gaming. It featured online experiences and other landmarks such as motion controls, and microphone support. There were also many ground breaking games, and some the tanked in both gameplay and sales. Gameluster has created a list of the top six games that flopped in gameplay. This list consists of mostly co-op games and games on the Xbox 360 or PS3. Only AAA games will be considered, because if they weren’t the list would consist of simulators and games that have a low marketing budget.

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rodiabloalmeida2107d ago

I would put Aliens Colonial Marines on first, with RE6 right after it.

Derekvinyard132106d ago

Guys I've played terminator salvation and yes it's bad but the cover system shows some work, this is more then I can say for ride to hell retribution. That should be on this list and fuse is debatably bad. His opinion I respect that agree with mind jack

assdan2106d ago

Anyone that doesn't put ride to hell retribution on this list is wrong.

pandehz2106d ago

Every time someone mentions that game I think of this.

UltraNova2106d ago (Edited 2106d ago )

Ride to hell retribution period. If you are wondering why go watch Machinama's play-throughs. Edit: Or the video posted above by pandehz.

Then Duke Nukem, Jesus I got it to relive those cheesy moments of the past and what I got was something so bland and distasteful that would make Titanic look like Avatar. Or, not.

assdan2105d ago

I also have to say. I played through it... Oh my God. The playthroughs only demonstrate half of why the game is awful.

NovusTerminus2107d ago

I would pull RE6, it was fun, just not right for a Resident Evil game.

Add Vampire Rain and Hunted: The Demons Forge on that list.

Wigriff2106d ago

I bought Hunted at launch. :(

finito822107d ago

Resident evil is getting to carried away with remakes, the games all are bad expect the first and second.

XXXL2107d ago

When they finally excavate all those ET Atari games from the desert they should put RE6 in its place.

cfc782107d ago

Test Drive Unlimited 2 gets my vote that game was a big disappointment after how good the first was.

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The story is too old to be commented.