Snoop Dogg Voice Pack now available for Call of Duty Ghosts

Want to get more from your Call of Duty Ghosts experience? What better way than to get Snoop Dogg narrating your multiplayer firefights!

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3-4-52098d ago

Did they officially jump the shark yet or no?

HighResHero2098d ago

Probably. With each release the "gimmicks" become more outrageous and more like the scene from which the saying derived when the Fonz literally jumped a shark. They have fish AI. They just need some shark AI and a waterskiing set piece.

ATi_Elite2098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )

Bow Wow Wow yippy YO yippy YEH!

waltyftm2098d ago

Sucking on these nuts, has made me hungry, btw nice comment on a very poor cash in imo.

cfc782098d ago

lol this games gone crazy with the dlc's.

waltyftm2098d ago

For shizzle, they should do this with everv game, COD got the D o double g.

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The story is too old to be commented.