New Call of Duty: Ghosts Hot Fix Adds Chaos Mode to Extinction On Other Platforms

Last week’s Call of Duty: Ghosts PC update that introduced the new Chaos Mode to Extinction is now rolling out on other platforms.

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neocores2097d ago

awesome I love to content to any game. I enjoy playing ghost everyday. laugh at people who talk smack about it becuase more the likely they own the game to lol.

Joey_Leone2097d ago

LOL the series is dead bro, any sane person would tell you that.

kr3wboyz2097d ago

As much as u want to believe the franchise is dead,its not.ghosts is probably not the best installment of the cod series but just the fact that people want something better from the next one,is enough to get the series going this point anything is better than ghosts so regardless sledgehammer will sell theirs perfectly fine.