Titanfall is Only $37 In Amazon Daily Deal

If you're an Xbox One, Xbox 360, or PC owner who still hasn't picked up Respawn Entertainment's debut shooter Titanfall, today would be a good day to consider doing just that.

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FITgamer2101d ago

It's selling ridiculously too, the Xbox One version went from #61 to #2 in just a couple of hours.

Illusive_Man2101d ago

As it should. It's an awesome game.

Summons752101d ago (Edited 2101d ago )

Well yeah that tends to happen when people want a game but don't feel full price justifies the game. It'll drop back down once the sale is done.

30 bucks seems like a reasonable price for what you get with the game. Mediocre gameplay, same boring and stale COD style controls and map design, poor narrative for their 'story', online only.

When any game goes on sale it's awesome. Don't try and put me into a fanboy category. Fact is Titanfall is a mediocre game at best, it's not bad but it's not worth 60 bucks either. I'll say the same about Killzone, the game is fun but it's not worth full price. I hardly ever buy games at full price, even day one some stores have awesome sales (plus others that you can stack if you're smart). Highest I've paid for a new game in the past year is $40 day one in store.

testerg352101d ago

But let me guess.. when a PS4 game goes on sale then its an awesome deal!

B1uBurneR2101d ago ShowReplies(2)
oof462101d ago

And to think I just bought my copy yesterday. SMH

Tru_Ray2101d ago

Timing is everything in this life, bro. I was on the fence about buying this game on PC, but at $37.99 I might as well!


Anon19742101d ago (Edited 2101d ago )

$40 is more in line with what I'd pay for this title (if I had an Xbox One). Don't game on my PC at all. Spend 8 hours a day staring at my PC for work, last thing I want to do is spend my leisure time on it as well. But that's just me...

Tru_Ray2101d ago

I'm with you, Dark. I am also in front of a computer all day (including the train ride home). However, I just purchased an Alienware 14 and have been quickly building up a library of games!


BlackTar1872101d ago

well worth that price. Anyone who owns the Xbox one should purchase this game.

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The story is too old to be commented.