Getting Hype: Why Fighting Games are the Best Esport

'In their struggles getting into League of Legends, VGU has seen multiple pop ups on the game screen about the LCS (League of Legends Championship Series) and the various results and recaps of matches. Being curious souls and wanting to see if they can improve, VGU decided to watch a couple of games to see what all the fuss is about.'

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caseh2107d ago

Highly recommend going to Twitch and adding a few of the well known streams like SpOOky and NYCFurby as favourites.

I don't even play fighting games anymore but the level of play you will see at the tournaments they stream is impressive. And like the article said, the commentators are not only entertaining but they also know their stuff.

fardan852107d ago

Try watching "knee, JDCR, Saint, Nin" tekken players.
Street Fighter "Daigo, Ryan Hart, Haitani (my fav)".
KOF XIII "Mr Kof, MadKOF, AS Reynald (best kof player)".
Check them on youtube.

It's sad to see fighting games getting less attention year after year. In my opinion they're the ultimate competitive games where you actually need skills + knowledge + fast reaction + strategy..etc

I'm hyped for EVO.

pompombrum2107d ago

I have to agree about fighting games. I especially like how the commentators are always right in the middle of things, it really gives off the feeling that you are right there in the venue.

Morpheuzpr2107d ago

Totally agree. Watching mobas and rts's streaming is boring as hell in comparison to Fighting games, especially the capcom ones. The only thing that adds excitement in those games is the payoff. Whereas with fighting games a hype match has gotten me at the edge of the seat even if it is an exhibition one. Just my opinion of course.