Angry Joe's Elder Scrolls Online Angry Review

Angry Joe adventures back to Tamriel in the latest from Publisher Bethesda, only this time its been developed by new caretakers Zenimax Online! Is this a worthy MMO extension of the universe or an opportune business savvy cash in? Find out!

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XiNarutoUzumaki2098d ago

I believe in Angry Joe. I rather trust a gamer as a reviewer than any outlet.

TitanUp2098d ago

same here i know he gets his haters because of his angry persona but i find his reviews to be some of the best out there.

KonsoruMasuta2098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )

Most of the people in those outlets are gamers.

But I agree to a degree. Angry Joe's reviews are a lot more detailed than other reviews and he doesn't sugar coat things like other reviewers do.

DragonKnight2098d ago

They may be gamers, but their opinion is bought.

Irishguy952098d ago

They may be gamers, but they're casual

ContinuePlay2098d ago

Name one example of a reviewer whos verdict is "bought".

You might think they are, but I can assure that they're not - I work in the industry have never, ever, been asked to massage a score.

Lord_Sloth2098d ago

@ darkmorgado.
Pretty sure we all remember the Kane and Lynch fiasco with Gamespot. Jay because your site (whatever it is) doesn't receive bribes doesn't mean others don't. Maybe it's not big enough? Just assuming.

morganfell2098d ago

Is this best watched on a Ubisoft Nexus pad?

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hkgamer2098d ago

i wouldn't trust him with an mmo or any subscription based game though. he likes to fuss about money.

It's hard to review MMO in the same way as a normal game, in a way its kinda like comparing a TV series to a movie.

Anyway Angry Joe is great, made some good points for this game. But as I said, MMO is ever changing and things will be different as time moves on. However, gamers or AJ still have the right to complain about things that do not work in this moment of time though.

TitanUp2098d ago

true he does seem to hate subscription mmo which are the best mmo are the market.

in this case he got it right, the reason i like subscription based mmo is because i get the game and everything with it no paying extra for little things.

a subscription mmo with a price tag shouldnt have micro transactions

joab7772098d ago

Exactly. Recently I have played DCUO and FF14. I love them both for different reasons. One is f2p, the other costs money for the game and a sub. Guess which one I have spent the most on? The free one by a factor of 10.

And while I trust angry Joe and he seems to understand mmo's, I wonder if he got this right. I guess we will see but I have read many, many opinions on this and it is amazing how different his is.

DragonKnight2098d ago

Joe doesn't hate subscription based MMOs, he was fully excited for this game. What he hates are subscription based MMOs that also charge to even get the game along with the subscription. If you are going to charge a monthly subscription, it should be a criminal offense to also charge just to get the game. He also wants that subscription to be worth the price, which he doesn't feel is the case for TESO when F2P games are doing things better than TESO and have been since they launched.

The one thing I disagree with him is that it is most definitely a TES game given the amount of bugs in it.

hkgamer2098d ago


I agree. Unless it is purely cosmetic.


It is really hard to review an MMO game and experiences vary depending on who you play the game with. MMO is hugely based on social interactions, and many people will have different experiences due to this.

I've played DCUO for maybe 1-2 hr. it took me probably 24 hours to download that damn game on my PS3 and then to find that it was curropted. Tried playing again on my PS4 and didn't really have much fun.

FFXIV played many hours on my PS3. I kinda stopped around the end of december, but I am likely to get bac into the game. Definitely one of my favourtie games I have played recently, though many aspects of the game did suck.

jc485732098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )

who wouldn't? Paying subscriptions to play or rather socialize never made sense to begin with.

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Magicite2098d ago

This game is a flop. Official.
Worst Elder Scrolls game ever.

Gamer19822098d ago

I'm the same he thinks like real gamers and says exactly what we are thinking when it comes to games. Points out the flaws we notice rather than the crap IGN point out which 9/10 is BS reasons to put down/up games to be biased or not.

HammadTheBeast2098d ago

I'm very surprised by the score he genuinely seemed to like it earlier.

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mezati992098d ago

one of the best reviews out there

oODEADPOOLOo2098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )

Just wonder why he put this review out over infamous or anything else. Anyone here know and can explain I don't follow him on twitter.

*Edit* Thanks for replies, just seemed weird he didnt review any games for a while especially when infamous came out. He said during his killzone review he would try to review playstation games more, just seemed like a pretty big missed opportunity to an actually decent exclusive.

Longshot282098d ago

He said he wasn't Inspired to make one..

KonsoruMasuta2098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )

He said he was going to review this first and his infamous review might come after. He really wanted to review this one because it got more of a response out of him.

Longshot282098d ago

I don't see it happening, he seems really busy with ESO, and if something doesn't inspire you to do something you enjoy anway, you probably aren't going to bother.

hkgamer2098d ago

I think he had to spend a lot of time playing ESO to give it a fair review. MMO needs atleast 100+ hours gameplay to give it a fair review.

Infamous:SS probably didn't stand out enough for him to spend the amount of hours it takes to put out his review. At the end of they day he needs views to get paid and creating a mediocre review would just be a waste of time.

NYC_Gamer2098d ago

The ESO is nothing but a quick cash grab in my opinion

Vegamyster2098d ago

Played the Beta and got bored in less then 2 hours, can't believe they're charging $15 a month for it.

xPhearR3dx2098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )

You played a Beta (not even the full game) of an MMO for less than 2 hours and decided that charging $15 a month is absurd?

Are_The_MaDNess2098d ago

he said he was bored after 2 hours, not stopped playing....
i felt the same way. over 70 hours in all the beta tests trying hard to find a reason to continue on.
after the first hours or two it got quite stale.
i guess the only reason it didnt feel like that from the start was the hope that it might be a good elder scrolls game like all the others, it wasnt.

Vegamyster2098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )

@xPhearR3dx Like Are_The_MaDNess said plus i looked on youtube of footage later in the game, still looked boring.

xPhearR3dx2098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )

Double post.

xPhearR3dx2098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )

I own the game and I'm Veteran Rank 2. The beta disabled tons of content and those areas we played aren't even the starting areas. There areas for each faction that you go to for a few hours tops.

The real game is very ES, just with MMO style combat. Everything within an ES game is pretty much there aside from some things that aren't implemented or not yet added.

Senyra2096d ago

I played for 2 days in beta and I got bored as well... the game is so tedious and linear.

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WeAreLegion2098d ago

His Rambo review was incredible. I love Angry Joe. I hope he interviews Major Nelson again this year.

hkgamer2098d ago

his interviews are kinda dissapointing. It's good that he gets to try it, but its definitely not his style and should just keep to reviewing games.

If he does want to interview people, then maybe he needs to act a little more professional. It's just a sign of respect/

DragonKnight2098d ago

He shouldn't act like anything other than himself and respect is earned, not given. Major Nelson didn't treat him with respect, Geoff Keighley didn't treat him respect, and you expect him to treat those jokers with any?

Joe is fine the way he is.

hkgamer2098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )


Major nelson treated him with enough resepct that he agreed to let him interview him even if he had a videocamera on a tripod. I know its major nelsons job to take interviews but he didn't have to give him one.
AJ needs to act more normal in interviews, dont be so biased and not go in his angry joe persona.


Need to watch that interview again, but he needs to at least have his own cameraman.

Major nelson may be a nobody but he is getting interviewed and he could have given his time to major publications.

I personally think his interviews are kinda boring and think he should stick to reviews, livestreams(?).

DragonKnight2098d ago

Major Nelson is a nobody who doesn't deserve anyone interviewing him. He doesn't know anything about the product he talks about, he's just a mouthpiece and Joe pretty much debased himself interviewing him. Joe isn't biased, and he should be himself in interviews because to be anything else would mean he isn't asking what he wants to ask, he wouldn't be doing a proper job for his audience.

Ironically, Major Nelson showed himself the greatest disrespect in that interview when he proved that he knew nothing about the product he represents, so Joe didn't have to do anything.

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