N4G Radio 04/22/2014

Late night session.

Recovering from Easter the boys talk loot, fighting games, and constant restarts.


Ken McKown
Jason Gambrel
Justin Testa
Drew Leachman
Dave Payerle

Games Covered:

Trials Fusion
Deception IV
Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode 2
Diablo 3
Bravely Default
Mercenary Kings
And more…

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Gazondaily3082d ago

The hosts on N4G radio, are they users on here? It would be nice to put the voice to some of the mods.

DMLFury3082d ago

I am not a mod here, but I have been a user for a very long time. I'm Drew on the show. May be better to see us on Twitter. I'm @DMLFury there.

Gazondaily3082d ago

Oh. So how come you guys have an association with N4G?

CrashJones3082d ago

Hey Drew. I got to know you on your Dark Souls Pheonix Down episodes.


DMLFury3082d ago

ZTGD is the editorial arm of N4G. We write the reviews and original articles in association with N4G. Ken (ZeroTolerance) is an Admin for N4G and he's the owner of ZTGD.

I just write for ZTGD and am the Community Manager as well as host multiple podcasts for the site.

DMLFury3082d ago

@CrashJones Hey, thanks for listening! We really appreciate it.

Gazondaily3082d ago

Ah okay cheers for clearing that up :)

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sypher3082d ago

Drew is also having my babies

DMLFury3082d ago

That is a lie. I want a DNA test.