Dragon Age Inquisition Gets a Release Date in a Brand New Trailer

Twinfinite writes: "Yesterday, we were all treated to the cover art for Bioware’s upcoming Dragon Age Inquisition. Today, we all get to watch the latest gameplay trailer and even get a release date! The entire trailer is actual game footage and it looks glorious. I can’t wait to jump back into the world of Ferelden and get my Inquisition started."

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amnalehu3083d ago

Actual game footage? Pretty impressive! I will have to circle 10/7/2014 on my calendar now!

fardan853083d ago

will it be released on ps4?

Muazimus-Prime3083d ago

Yup! PC, PS3, PS4, 360, and Xbox One

mikeslemonade3082d ago

Looks a lot better than the last gen games.

JackOfAllBlades3082d ago

Yeah, I plan on getting it for PC though as it will surely be the definitive version

Errefus3082d ago

Great game footage can't wait

abstractel3082d ago

Alien Isolation, Shadow of Mordor and now Dragon Age on the same day. And the week after? Batman. Nice way to space out game releases...

Major drought the first 6 months this year with only really 2-3 titles in the first 6 months for me (Infamous, Watch Dogs and Child of Light). In June, the 6th month of the year, UFC, Murdered Soul Suspect and maybe TLOU Remaster.

Truehellfire3082d ago

I forgot Batman comes out a week later. How in the hell am I going to be able to play all these games???

dreamoner3082d ago

Clever guys at CDPR saw this and delayed witcher to feb. next year

SilentNegotiator3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

Don't fall for the ambiguity. "Actual game footage" could easily mean "Actual in-engine renderings with game assets" or "pre-rendered cutscenes"

If any dev/pub says ANYTHING other than "realtime gameplay", don't let it get you excited. It could easily be for nothing.

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TheFutureIsBlue3083d ago

Please make up for the let down that was Dragon Age 2. Dragon Age Origins was one of my favorite rpgs!

R6ex3083d ago

I personally like DA2 more than DAO. The personal touch to Hawke is very nice. The female Hawke has very sweet customization options. I enjoyed the encounters of Hawke. Of course, the re-used dungeon rooms suck.

Qrphe3082d ago

Ive never really played any of the games, but Im getting it just because of their "we want the Demon's Souls/Dragon's Dogma audience" gameplay focus

anticlimax3082d ago

Which is exactly the reason why I sceptical. I hope they cater to their own fans instead.

MWong3082d ago

DA:O was amazing and gave a lot of choices and options. DA2 was pretty much very linear and had no ties to DA:O. I have to say one thing DA:I looks very beautiful to say the least.

I was surprised that they gave the Inquisitor a voice or at least that's what it seems like so far.

TheFutureIsBlue3082d ago

The only thing DA2 got better than the first was the gameplay, but even then it was still clunky. DA: I does look great though. It's sad that Mass Effect gets more attention from Bioware. ME seems more detailed(story and world wise) and polished(gameplay wise). I'm hoping they give this the amount of work they put in the ME series.

MWong3082d ago

@ TheFuture

DA2 was a hack n slash game. I think if DA:I would be able to combine, DA:O's storytelling with Dragon's Dogma action it will be amazing.

desertpunk863083d ago

cant wait love the dragon age series even though DG2 was bland.

Rickgrimes953083d ago

Holy shit October 7th has 3 major games coming out. Alien isolation, shadow of mordor, an now dragon age damn good bye money

Muazimus-Prime3083d ago

DAMMIT I totally forgot about Shadow of Mordor...I think I'll just have to retire from life on October 6th

Zichu3083d ago

Was about to mention this. Before I checked my list, I thought it was the perfect release day, then I saw those two other games.

I think Shadow of Mordor will be my game for October, Alien and Dragon Age will have to wait till November or December.

Salooh3083d ago (Edited 3083d ago )

Don't think that will happen. Other huge games will release in november. So if i were you i would save up for october. I remember Batman having a close release date too .

Edit : Batman Arkham Knight Oct. 14, 2014. and don't forget about evovle Lol , you screwed if you don't hide money in summer.

Zichu3083d ago

@14Feb, I'm fine with money. It's just time I am in need of >.<

Rickgrimes953082d ago

October is a busy game month I didn't even mention arkham knight , an the new assassins creed which has almost always released in october

Salooh3082d ago

That's a good thing if you hide the games for summer where there are few games to play and a lot of free time :P .

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BattleTorn3082d ago

Seems like I good week to book my holidays

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