Dragon Age: Inquisition screenshots

EA has released some beautiful new screenshots from Dragon Age: Inquisition.

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2108d ago
ATi_Elite2108d ago

Starting to see the Beauty in the graphics with these screenshots.

This game would really shine if it was a XB1/PS4/pc only title.

But the PS3/X360 install base is too big to ignore.

Still will look very good on x360/ps3. I just hope teh game play is better.

Riderz13372108d ago

What...I didn't even know it was on PS3/360 until you said this lol...That's a bit disappointing, but I'm still excited for the game.

Detoxx2108d ago

Don't worry, the difference between current and next-gen will be big (just look at Battlefield 4).

Truehellfire2108d ago

Yeah when they first announced it I was hoping it be next gen only. Was a little disappointed when it was on ps360 also. I understand that you have to make money on a game, and they wouldn't have made much if they released it on next-gen only.

medman2108d ago

I can only hope Mass Effect is new gen only. Damn EA = Extraordinary a$$holes, every time.

Skate-AK2108d ago

Frostbite is so scaleable I don't think PS3 and 360 will hold back PS4,Xbone or PC.

ATi_Elite2107d ago

Frostbite is a darn good engine

Battlefield 4 shines on the PC even though it has a x360/ps3 version.

Cryengine 3 scales well too

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Detoxx2108d ago

I love the art-style of the game!

GusBricker2108d ago

Picture 6 almost makes it look turn-based.

But oh my, this game is giving me feelings of a suped up Dragon's Dogma, which would be awesome!

anticlimax2108d ago

Origins' realtimewithpause wasn't that far from turn-based. They should've kept it that way.

Battles should be about choosing the right attacks, not about reflexes, combos or whatever...
Tactical RPG not action-rpg.

chizzy2012108d ago

is this a turn based game?

dreamoner2108d ago

third person action with the option of strategic view

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