Codemasters explains why Grid: Autosport is not coming to new-gen consoles

GR-UK sat down in Berlin with Grid: Autosport's chief games designer, James Nicholls, and found out what's new in the next entry into the Grid series, and discussed the reasoning behind bringing the game to Xbox 360 and PS3 instead of the new-gen consoles:

"We're using, as I say, the same Ego technology we've built for current-gen, to build this game," Nicholls told us, "so we're not planning on bringing that technology onto next-gen. We do have teams within Codemasters already working on that new Ego technology and new next-gen experiences."

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rodiabloalmeida2103d ago

Let's hope they reveal something like a Dirt 4 with the nextgen EGO engine at E3. Grid Autosport? nah... I'll pass. It's GRID 2 with cockpit view.

Daves2103d ago

Nah, a totally different feel to GRID2, no drift boost for a start.

2103d ago