Xbox One Gears of War to Have “Best in Class Visuals,” “Bleeding Edge Rendering Techniques” and More

Black Tusk Studios is quite evidently gearing up for the development of the upcoming Gears of Wars game for the Xbox One, and is currently hiring 13 new employees, with twelve of those positions offered in the last two weeks.

What’s more interesting is that the competences and requirements listed in the career opportunity ads give us some hints on what you can expect from the game, which seems to come packed with some quite lofty goals.

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christocolus2098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )

Oh dear lord...can't wait. So much is being put into this game and I'm certain they'll be using DX 12 and pushing the gameplay and multiplayer elements a lot further. Bring back a new and improved horde mode, bigger and badder bosses and a dark and engaging plot with new characters(enemies too).. Marcus and a few others from delta squad could show up at some point but above all I hope MS shows us atleast a 1min demo of the game at e3.

Man I'm so hyped for this...I wonder what 343i also has planned for halo5.

Abriael2098d ago

Takes little to make you happy :D

Come on, 10 seconds is paltry.

christocolus2098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )


Lol..You are right, I thought about it and 10 seconds would be too short, I would love to see a full level demoed on stage at But that would be asking for too much and the game is probably very early in development.. So I just changed it to 1min. Hope Phil sees this request. Only a few games out there can get me really excited and obviously Gears of war and Halo are on that list.

Thanks for posting this article by the way.


Yeah I agree but it could be a teaser like sony did with uc4 last december or a demo showing off the tech which will power the game..MS and BT can figure out something cos they need to show something at E3. Fans of gears need to see something.

2098d ago
MazzingerZ2097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )

I have been gaming for too long to buy that crapp, whatever they show is rather a technical demo, MSFT is the only publisher today still using CGI trailer to promote games that are way too early in development

What happened to that "we don't show games until they are within 6 months of its release"

I loved the Xbox, the first years of the X360 and will probably get a X1 down the road when finally all those exclusives games are out but until then, like usual, SONY is the only one demoing games on the actual engine and if MSFT shows anything it is always scripted, like Titanfall.

mikeslemonade2097d ago

Gears and Halo are pass their prime. I don't understand the hype.

Perjoss2097d ago Show
Gamer19822097d ago

Lets see it first.. So far Black Tusk have been all talk and no action.. The CGI trailer we saw at last E3 was just that. It wasn't a canned gamer as they admitted it was a tech demo of what they expect to do in the future. I'm not saying they cannot do what they say but lets be fair here the Xbox is clearly the weaker of the 2 consoles and these consoles aren't looking that amazing yet.. Fanboys will argue to the death and say the Xbox is more powerful and DX12 will change it etc.. But facts are facts and the PS4 multiplats has shown the gaps in hardware.

I also think a different party to Epic working on gears might not work out for the best as it was Epics brainchild.. Just because 343 did Halo well (well it did okay it was the worst selling Halo on 360 if you compare games vs consoles sales) doesn't mean Blacktusk will do this well..

ShinMaster2097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )

""Best in class""

Does that mean only in its genre? So it won't the best overall next-gen graphics period.

alexkoepp2097d ago

Original gears raised the bar in terms of graphics last generation, fully expect this one to do the same. Got a feeling halo 5 will probably end up being the best looking game ever released though.

thekhurg2097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )

I wouldn't be surprised if the first showing is pre-rendered/target footage.

GameNameFame2097d ago

Black Tusk ?

You mean the team that has all their project canned to date?

Literally, all games this studio has touched got canned.

Ashunderfire862097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )


I say the best looking game on Xbox one will be Quantum Break.

Giul_Xainx2096d ago

Is there a third person shooter on ps4? I don't think Infamous is in the same "class" as gears. Seeing how it gears is considered to be a tps. Until socom h hour launches finally.

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TheDevKit2098d ago

This isn't a promotion of DX 12, it's a show of rendering techniques which can improve visuals.

I.E, optimization.

Kingnichendrix2098d ago

Omg I.E optimisation its about time they sped up explorer :3

k2d2098d ago

Less talk about rendering, fps and shaders - and
more about visual and artistic style.

randomass1712097d ago

@TheDevKit Optimization is always a great thing. Since many people feel strongly about the resolutions and frames per second in their games, it seems only logical that Microsoft would try to market way to make games run at optimal settings through DX12. The next step is to actually show it in action.

BG115792097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )

This could also back fire.
Are they waiting for DX12 to produce/release games like halo and gears? That would mean that anything they release/show at e3 to be something fake...

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OrangePowerz2098d ago

I wouldn't expect much for Gears of War this year at E3 given that MS only got the rights recently and that they canned last year the other Black Tusk game to make GoW it would suggest they only started last year with development. That wouldn't be enough time to make a playable demo that is in a state to show.

2097d ago
Legion212097d ago

I expect a simple teaser.

randomass1712097d ago

We may get a logo with a title, kind of like Uncharted 4 last year. Maybe even a short CGI teaser trailer.

WitWolfy2097d ago

I agree, PAX might be a better bet for a teaser trailer or for a 30 second jizz fest.

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dantesparda2098d ago ShowReplies(5)
truefan12098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )

Can't wait for Gears, it definitely seems like it's gonna be a showcase game for XB1 and going back to its roots with cover and dedicated servers. I hope Black Tusk establishes itself as a great studio and meets their ambitious goals.

@thedevkit did you even read the article, because the job posting lists multithreading for rendering which isn't used for DX11 and is one of the major features for DX12.

@OrangePowerz the other game was not canned, like that SSM game that was to be presented at E3, it was postponed.

You both fail in you sly trolling attempts.

GameDev12097d ago

Yeah actually i remember a game from Black Tusk got canned, was meant to be a new IP

OrangePowerz2097d ago

What trolling attempt? The one I always see trolling is you.

The way I see it is that unless they increase the studio size to have both in development it will be postponed for a very long time because there is a very good chance that they will be making another GoW once they are finished with that one now.

AngelicIceDiamond2097d ago

@Dev With Phil officially in office I doubt the game is canned. After the next Gears I'm sure they'll start to hint at the new Ip soon after.

VaporCell2097d ago

I'm pretty sure I've read everywhere that the new SSM IP was cancelled just like one of the former directors twitted.

2097d ago
GarrusVakarian2097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )

"You both fail in you sly trolling attempts."

The irony, it's unbearable!

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GarrusVakarian2098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )

I have a great idea, anyone who isn't planning to play the next Gears....don't comment here. Wtf is up with people (on both sides of the fence) going into articles of games they have no intentions of playing to troll? All it shows is that you are jealous and bitter than you can't play it, because if you didn't care about it you wouldn't be here.

On topic: All i want is Horde mode. Bring that back with bigger and better bosses with some kick-ass graphics and i will be happy. I would like a darker tone for the singleplayer too, like Gears 1.

candy_mafia2098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )

Lukas is correct....these trolls are only here to hate on a game they can't have, or have no intention of purchase. I'll bet most fanboys only own 1 console, but claim 2 or 3 LMAO.

All you fanboys make me sick! Juvenile delinquents with nothing better to do...regardless what system/s you claim you own ;/


Septic2098d ago

"I have a great idea, anyone who isn't planning to play the next Gears....don't comment here."

Lol not gonna happen mate.

" I would like a darker tone for the singleplayer too, like Gears 1."

THIS. Plus take the silly OTT acting out and add some decent dialogue in the game. The whole planet was imploding but these guys were joking around like they were invited to a pillow fight by Miley Cyrus.

GarrusVakarian2098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )


"or not prepared to purchase"

So true. I wonder if those guys ever stop and realise that the only thing preventing them from playing the "oppositions" games, are themselves? Forget your bias and just buy both damn are supposed to be gamers!


"The whole planet was imploding but these guys were joking around like they were invited to a pillow fight by Miley Cyrus."

Hahaha, that is so true! ***SPOILERS***....When Dom died, the cutscenes showed everyone acting all sad, everyone was depressed that Dom was gone. Then as soon as it cut to in-game, everyone was back to their normal selves. Cole was shouting "woooh!" and "yeah baby" when pulling off headshots and gambolling around everywhere, lmao. And to make matters worse, Dom's death was completely unnecessary, lmao. He could have just jumped out of the tanker before it crashed and had the rest of the group cover him while he re-grouped...there was literally no need for him to die.

I was never a big fan of the SP in Gears to be honest.....the writing, dialogue and mission structure were all sub-par, imo. MP/ Co-op was always it's strong point.

trenso12097d ago

I'm here just because of general curiosity on all games and to read some of the contents since they can be amusing at times

Elit3Nick2097d ago

I can't agree with this enough, but with the nature of fanboys, they won't ever stop trolling, nomatter how pointless the comparison is, the best we can do is ignore them and let their butthurt subside.

headblackman2097d ago

i say the same thing, but when i say stuff like that i get blocked for a few days. so thank you for saying it for me.

big ups on that one.

BX812097d ago

@ Lukas I don't mind as long as they have something constructive to say but I agree if it's negative all the time just go away.

On a side note I hope to the gaming gods they fix the bug that reseted your mp rank to zero if you turned your Xbox off at certain points. It happened to me with gears 2/3 both when I was in the rank 60's. That's why skipped out on the last gears. I have high hopes for this one. I also hope they bring back dom. Killing dom would be like killing sully from uncharted, sux.

GarrusVakarian2097d ago

Just to clarify, i wasn't suggesting that ANYONE who isn't going to play Gears should stay out of these articles. Just the trolls. ;)

aLucidMind2097d ago

They think their opinions are important to everyone else because it is their opinion. That's the main reason for it.

maniacmayhem2097d ago


HORDE MODE! Amen brotha, it's a crime that this was not included in Judgement. I actually think it was done on purpose to make everyone hope it's in the Xbox One version and run out and buy that one.

Gears of War is one of the best multiplayer games I played on the 360. I hope they expand on what made the first three great and add something that will make the franchise better, more fun to play and fresh.

cruzngta2097d ago

Agreed Lukas - haters always try to ruin any positive news for a rival console.

TheDarpaChief2097d ago

Thanks for the common sense brah, its appreciated. Im a sony guy now but i am still extremely interested in gears. Halo no cause i personally dont like most fps' but back on topic. Its going to be very fun to follow this game

Jack_Reacher2097d ago

Wow. Really I just got a ban for calling out an xbot troll for trolling a Sony article so none of you here can say much of anything. Good luck with gears and halo. I mean that. And I look forward to not seeing any negative xbots in the next pro sony story.

Yeah right that's not going to happen.

Oh and if you want to apportion any blame you might want to go back a few years to the ps3 release and see why many many pro sony people are getting some retribution.

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ATi_Elite2098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )

I'm not a fan of Gears but It would be nice to see a demo if gears plans on using Azure. I'm really interested in how Devs approach Cloud base technology and look forward to seeing it used on consoles.


Gears is a HUGE Xbox franchise so I hope they go all out and really push the XB1 and provide XB1 owners with a GREAT experience.

mrmarx2097d ago Show
3-4-52097d ago Show
Magicite2097d ago

I wonder how good will next gears do, after Judgement flopped.
P.S. Gears have never had outstanding visuals.

GearsOfWar2097d ago

Dat 1 Bubble.

P.S. Gears of War set the visual bar for 360 back in 2006.

"the most gorgeous looking game on the Xbox 360" - IGN

In fact, I don't believe the competition had anything to counter it with until late 2007.

WilDRangeRrfc2097d ago

Never had good visuals?? Yep your a Pony and you have never played Gears the best MP game last gen and one of the best ever created

lifeisgamesok2097d ago

Now this gets me excited

Gears of War one of the best single+multiplayer games of all time

+Unreal Engine 4
+Directx 12
+No cross xbox 360 development so it's going to fully take advantage of the Xbox One

I'd also love to see a return to the darker campaign of Gears 1


Audiggity2097d ago

Yeah, can't wait for more details... very happy about leaving last gen where it belongs (in the dust).

incredibleMULK2097d ago

It better be better than that popcorn fart gears of war judgement. It seems like the gear games keep getting worse. Gears was awesome. Part 2 was good but not as good. Part 3 was a c+ but it felt a lot like water world meets mad Max. Gears judgement and shadow of ram were dog shit.

wcas2097d ago

Don't get too hyped. MS is warming up a brad new hype train it seems. The Titan Fall hype train has all but petered out. Time and time again MS makes extraordinary claims and promises. Each time they fall short. It is all part of the MS marketing strategy, over promise and exaggeration equals sales and unwarranted hype. MS's track record of delivering on what they claim is so bad that most have adopted a put up or shut up attitude when it comes to MS. Not because people want to be that way but because gamers have learned over time from experience that MS continuously promotes and makes many claims that in the end doesn't turnout to work nearly as well as they had lead their consumers to believe it would. Especially when it comes to the console gaming claims.

k3rn3ll2097d ago

Could not disagree with you more.
"We plan on making xbox live the best online experience in gaming"

Sweep142097d ago

Come On, wake-up...Gears on X1 is 2016 at the earliest

k3rn3ll2097d ago

What does it matter when it comes out?
What we aren't allowed to get excited?
Or is that reserved for uncharted 4 fans on ps4 launch day?
Quit acting like the other side is beneath you. I dont care how long it takes to come out. Frankly I would prefer they take time till 2016. Justlike I'd prefer halo5 to come next year.

medman2097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )


Copen2097d ago

I'm quite sure they'll have a demo or something of the like running on a high end PC that's pushing more than the Xbone will tricking people into believing what they're seeing is what the end product will look like. Seriously though MS did this last year the stuff at E3 wasn't running on xbox one hardware it was all running on high end PC's it's the equivalent of false advertising showing you something on a PC that'll never look like the xbone version. Before you doubt me there's pics all over the net showing people working on the kiosks computers they were demoing games on.

But on topic we're looking at an unproven unknown studio doing a gears game. Will it turn out well? Nobody knows for sure but what we DO know is that MS forced the gears IP on Black Tusk forcing them to scrap or shelf whatever game they were working on. So instead of creating a true first party IP which MS desperately needs they now have to be a GOW farm. It's looking like we're going to have a repeat of last generation of Halo,Gears,Forza rinse and repeat all over again and that's not good for anybody while i have both consoles at this point i can't really say the xbone's future is brighter than the ps4 but i've got both so whatever happens i'll be ready.

sadfeet2097d ago

You know what i find funny. Where are the PC guys talking smack when something is talked good about the xbox one's visuals. But when there is something good about the ps4 all hell is broken loose. This just shows that PC guys are actually Xbox fanboys in disguise.

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Kayant2098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )

Dedicated servers is the most exciting thing IMO. Good to see Co-Op and cover system will be coming back. I really wonder how they are going to handle the MP hopefully more along the lines of Gears 3 as a package and Judgement with weapon balancing.

DeathOfTheFanBoy2098d ago

Just bring the horde and I'll be over the moon, cant wait to see where they take the franchise.

DaPrintz2098d ago

Yeah I don't have an Xbox One, but the 1 game that could change that is Gears of War. So many great times playing Horde mode in 2/3. Kinectless Xbox One and Gears would be an instant sale for me. I'm kidding myself though if I said I wouldn't buy one with kinect if I had too.

desertpunk862098d ago ShowReplies(1)
MCTJim2098d ago

I just love GoW. Hopefully they get their act together sooner rather than later.

memots2097d ago

Yes God Of War is awesome...

I thought this was a Geow thread ¿

nerdman672097d ago

This is why I hate when people shorten everything, both Gears of War and God of War are GoW.
Why are people so lazy that they cannot just type out a full name? No need to dumb English down further

WilDRangeRrfc2097d ago

GOW>God Of War stop trolling

memots2096d ago

At wildrangersfc

GOW = God of War

Geow = Gears of war

Simply pointing it out

Whitey2k2098d ago ShowReplies(6)