Sony Sorry to Keep You Waiting for PS4 Firmware Update 1.70

While the system software upgrade itself looks great, it’s been on the agenda for over a month now, and still there’s no sign of a release date.

Responding to a query on the European PlayStation Blog, manager Fred Dutton has apologised for the delay, but insisted that a date is coming “very soon”.

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core_53089d ago

sorry for what? they have never announced a date ...

MaximusPrime_3089d ago

yes you have a point there. But for the few, they really wanted this update asap but disappointed by no news on it.

I'm fine with it.

JoGam3089d ago

Well those people who are disappointed by no news would just have to wait like everyone else.

mewhy323089d ago

Well the update will come when its ready. i commend Sony for waiting until it's actually ready to go. Pretty excited about this update. Machine is already awesome but I want to try out the new video editor stuff.

dantesparda3089d ago

I know im probably going to get a lot of disagrees for this, but in my opinion its taking to long. And i sincerely hope its got alot more in it then whats been announced.

randomass1713089d ago

Unfortunately this is the game industry we have. Good things come to those who wait lol.

3089d ago
jebabcock3088d ago

They are fine. Taking a month is not a big deal. Taking a year would be unreasonable. I think we are incredibly unreasonable with turnaround times for fw updates. It truthfully amazes me how quickly consoles do get updates out. The scariest thing is when something big is rushed out and breaks things because it wasn't properly tested.

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TitanUp3089d ago

i just find its taking sony a little longer to announce updates and release updates as fast as microsoft.

which is fine but i hope sony can start releasing these a little fast until we get the same features as the ps3 and a few extras.

JackOfAllBlades3089d ago

They are Japanese, it's in their culture to apologize more times a day than any other culture. But I agree, take your time and do it right Sony, we'll wait a bit

1OddWorld3088d ago

Way to be a miss informed ignorant ass. They do not apologize profusely as you proclaim, but they do commit suicide before bringing shame to their family. So if there was some wrong that had been committed you would see a body swan dive off a building and hit the ground before you would hear an apology.

/heavily laced with ignorance and sarcasm

HollowedSoul143088d ago

actually they do if they're speaking english, maybe they dont mean it but when talking to westerners they definitely do say it lots. Being Canadian i know enough about saying sorry lol.

Copen3089d ago

It was never officially dated to begin with so this isn't surprising news. It'll come when it comes why rush it out? Now people will talk and troll that MS has been on the ball with their updates but that's because the xbone launched with a bare bones OS and it wasn't close to perfect they had to fix things they launched with as well as add stuff they couldn't put in there in time for their launch so all things being equal Sony and MS are about equal in terms of updates and their contents.

hiredhelp3088d ago

Rather wait have solid working FW than a rushed one.

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BattleN3089d ago

Yoshida should be fired, lol jk He's a great guy!

rowdyBOY3088d ago (Edited 3088d ago )

uhm , who cares about a firmware update ????

where are the freaking games ???

its been nearly a full year and only NO GAMES STILL YET ????

what ever happened to "ITS EASY TO MAKE GAMES ON PS4 "

yeah right , WHATEVER ???

MatrixxGT3088d ago

5 months is the new year? Interesting.

The_Sneauxman3088d ago

Someone didn't finish school.

150 days = 1 year?.. oh boy

Neonridr3089d ago

I'm ok with waiting. The thing I really want the most (DLNA support) seems to be at the bottom of the list in terms of priorities anyways.

Great for people who stream, share videos, etc. But I don't do that stuff, so I will sit patiently and wait for the ability to stream movies from my PC to my PS4.

Nunchez3089d ago

Well you can kind of using Plex. It works pretty damn well actually. But yeah DLNA support is needed.

dantesparda3089d ago

Plex? Can you please explain some more

Neonridr3089d ago

yes what is this "Plex"? Never heard of it.

I am perfectly content streaming stuff from my PC to my Sony Home Theatre system using Serviio, but it would be convenient for me to be able to do it through my PS4 since I am using it often enough.

randomass1713089d ago

I like to keep footage when I play together with friends, but that's mostly with older consoles. I have yet to get a recorder for HD consoles and I would want one of those for my PS4.

Nunchez3089d ago (Edited 3089d ago )

It's essentially a media server like Serviio. Here what you do is just open up the PS4 browser and navigate to the Plex website and you can stream it like how you would with any other media server.

You should check out the link below. It's pretty easy and it works really great even for 1080p files.

Neonridr3089d ago

yeah, I googled it after you mentioned it. Looks like it could be a decent fix until something more official comes along.

BlackTar1873089d ago

If you have a smart TV you can probably DL a plex app.

Chromecast also supports plex

Seems like a lot of stuff but it's very easy once you get into it.

i recommend watching and reading what i shared.

solid_snake36563089d ago

Not just dlna, I'd like to see wallpapers, dynamic themes, friend sign on notification. That's simple stuff that should have been their day one.

Alsybub3088d ago (Edited 3088d ago )

DLNA support is probably unlikely, anytime soon. After all, if people can stream any file they download on the internet from their PC or NAS what incentive is there for people to used paid services?

I know people can just use something else to stream but the vast majority of users will either not know or do not have the means. So, if the box can't do it then those people will never be the wiser and just use the paid service.

I wouldn't be surprised if content providers are vocal about this to both Sony and Microsoft. Since on the One, while you can do it, there is no direct access to your media database. It's not even advertised as capable.

Neonridr3088d ago

fair enough answer. Although the PS3 supported Netflix but also had DLNA support.

Again, it's not the end of the world because I can stream it through my home theatre system directly. It would just be nice to be able to do it all through one source instead of having to stream my movies/shows through one device and play my games on another device.

Alsybub3088d ago

True that the PS3 had it but that was well before services, like Netflix, were offered on the platform.

It was the fact that it was omitted from both consoles that made me think this was why it isn't there.

Different console, different time. When the PS3 came out it was one of the best features for me.

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MegaRay3089d ago

Wish theyre "sorry to keep us waiting" for PS4 games :P
Seriously, Games comes first (I know there alot of games but the more the better right?)

randomass1713089d ago

In this day and age, hardware features could be just as important. Let's Playing is a pretty big thing in the community nowadays. I'm actually perplexed as to why Sony made put the HDMI restriction on the console in the first place, but the great thing is they're working on getting rid of it.

Joe9133089d ago (Edited 3089d ago )

I'm sure it had to be tested to make sure hackers could not exploit it same with a lot of other features they did not want what happened with ps3 to happen with ps4 and not just the fact it got hacked but the fact that to fix the hacks they had to take away features which made Sony look very bad so this time they do not come with the features so if it can be used for hacking then they never have to take it away just my idea of why all these features are missing.

candy_mafia3089d ago

I'm sure when it does go live everyone awaiting will be happy with it, least of all youtubers who don't want to go the convoluted way around capturing directly from the box.

I can see a mass increase in PS4 content on youtube once 1.7 drops :)

randomass1713089d ago

Yes, yes absolutely! I'm looking forward to the Achievement Hunter videos that will emerge from this. So glad Sony is actively pursuing letting people record freely.