Ubisoft Engineer Teases Next Prince of Persia Following Rumours

T1 - Rumours recently emerged that a new Prince of Persia game was in development, thanks to an article by French gaming site Portail de Jeu Video. Today, Ubisoft Engineer Drew James has added fuel to the rumour by posting this image via Twitter.


The Twitter account for UbiDrew has now vanished, more details here:

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TimeSkipLuffy3090d ago

I can imagine a AC clone like what they did with Far Cry 3. Prince of Persia as Open World would probably look like AC with a different skin and theme and some special game mechanics.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx3090d ago

The original Ac was actually supposed to be a prince of persia game until they changed it to a new IP. I think they should stick to the regular formula of prince of persia since both games would be really similar.

Also they must make it better than the last prince of persia game, it was about 4 hours long and the combat was meh.

UltraNova3089d ago

And not cell shaded. Not saying the last one didn't look good but it could look better. Ubi has some great engines,its time to used them on POP.

PS: it should not be open world as it will directly impact AC's sales. Additionally, as stated above, it will be weirdly similar to AC.

iplay1up23090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )

I agree with you, but I read yesterday 2.5D. Yeah I know :(. I am going to look for the link for you. :)

Found it, it is using Rayman Legends game engine.

incendy353090d ago

I really want a 2d version with the UbiArt engine. But I wouldn't mind an open world game either!

randomass1713090d ago

A 3D open world would just feel like another Assassin's Creed, wouldn't it? This makes me miss the Sands of Time trilogy. Sigh.

3-4-53090d ago

I'd like to see it keep the Cel shaded art style or whatever it was. It fit the game.

DFogz3090d ago

This article says the game is going to be 2D, sorry.

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VaporCell3090d ago

Wow I would actually be quite excited for a new prince of persia :) Its been a while already !

OrangePowerz3090d ago

If they make it as good as Sands of Time I buy it.

-Foxtrot3090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )

It better be a sequel to the 2008 Prince of ended on a cliff hanger.

How can you just forget that game existed and move on like nothing has happened. Fans have been waiting years for a sequel

Assassins Creed had it's fair share of problems but the sequel fixed that, same should be done to the 2008 Prince of Persia.


Really you can you be would fine with Ubisoft just ditching a built up story like that. Honestly how selfish...

UnHoly_One3090d ago

I loved that game. I've been hoping for a sequel ever since.

I actually got it out and replayed it just a couple months ago.

hkgamer3090d ago

Didn't 2008 have the epilogue DLC? I never finished the epilogue DLC but I did like 2008 PoP.

I think the game was a little too easy though, and with instant respawns players never really felt the pressure if they were dying. The instant respawns did fit the story though.

Never really played the other PoP games, never was interested.

-Foxtrot3090d ago

The funny thing was the epilogue DLC lead to ANOTHER cliff hanger.

jocomat93090d ago

DLC still 10 dollars on psn. i've beed waiting years for a price drop but nope.

hkgamer3090d ago

the epilogue has a cliffhanger? those B**TARDS!!!

I think people need to stop making games or movies and then teasing a sequel at the end of a movie. Iron Man 2, Thor and Captain America jsut felt like a super long trailer for Avengers movie. It's a little shameful.

Now back on topic. PoP2008 changed too many things, story, characters, gameplay, action and graphics. Not many liked the cel-shaded graphics. Mainstream prefers the more realistic look.


I think developers have completely forgotten about PoP2008 therefore no price drop :P
I got my DLC free, but tbh its exactly the same thing. I got bored and never completed it, they should have stopped at the proper ending.

randomass1713090d ago

That game was actually quite nice. I prefer the Sands of Time trilogy to a degree, but the reboot was stylish and fun. The control improvements were very much welcome in my back. As for the disagrees, it's probably people who just did not enjoy the game. I didn't think it was a masterpiece, but it was still pretty good. Nolan North was a fun Prince.

Quagmire3089d ago

People just dont like you. deal with it lol.

Quagmire3089d ago

More of a life than you, you seem to spend all your time here. go outside, lol

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lsujester3090d ago

He has no love for Prince of Persia 3D?

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