OK, We Get It, That Korean MMO Looks Fantastic

Luke Plunkett: After a somewhat quiet reveal last year, Korean MMO Black Desert has been blowing socks off for the last week with its character creation system and ambitious design.

This clip, showing the game's enormous world, isn't helping people be any calmer about the whole thing.

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ATi_Elite2103d ago

Korean MMo's are making a name for themselves as of late.

ESO, SWTOR, and Neverwinter are STALE WOW clones!

Meanwhile Arche Age, Tera Rising, BlackDesert are GORGEOUS and fun to play with real time combat or a hybrid combat system along with more crafting options.

Jdoki2103d ago (Edited 2103d ago )

The world of MMO's needs a damn good shake up; and if it comes from Korea that's fine by me.

I played the Wild Star beta over the weekend... What a generic cookie cutter borefest that was. The graphics look like Ratchet and Clank mixed with WoW (very nice, but it all feels really familiar), and the entire game play was just so generic. Sure it had a couple of nice touches, especially around combat, but they were drowned in mediocrity everywhere else.

I am quite enjoying FFXIV at the moment - but I think that's more because of the subject matter than the game play - and I can't see me subscribing long term (2-4+ years)

YellowTempes2103d ago

Unfortunately, most Korean MMOs are closed off to the west. I've been waiting for games like Blade & Soul or Lineage 3 to come out for years because western producers are too busy with appealing to the '12-year-olds audience' to be able to make an enjoyable game that doesn't take your money and runs away with it within weeks.

Is it really too much to ask for an MMO that doesn't prioritise the opinion of mere kids?

ZodTheRipper2103d ago

Meanwhile the west comes up with Elder Scrolls Online or Wildstar ...currently, the most promising MMOs come from the east and I can't wait to try one once it releases in the west (KIngdom Under Fire 2 for example).

Nolando2103d ago

SWTOR is my mmo of choice at the moment. I am doing the FTP version atm. Its great but I do resent some of the restrictions they put on the ftp model. but oh well.

I think part of its charm is the fact its sci fi for me. im kind of tired of fantasy in general. This Korean mmo looks decent though.

Snookies122103d ago

The restrictions on a FTP SWTOR account are a joke. It's the worst I've ever seen.

Nolando2103d ago

hopefully they loosen some of them. Im enjoying it though and may subscribe.

3-4-52103d ago

A bit of pop-ins but that World is Beautiful, and has a certain charm to it.

Good job to whoever made that.

Magicite2103d ago

Take a look at Bless Online, it looks gorgeous. Korea is a homeland of fantasy MMOs.

ATi_Elite2103d ago

Bless' OFF screen video looks better than ESO on scereen video. lol

Korea has the best lookiong MMO's coming out with the exception of The Czeck's Republic Kingdom COme: Deliverance which looks Great.

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WeAreLegion2103d ago

Loving the real time combat. Some of these newer MMO's are straight-up hack 'n slashers. I love that!

elsuperamigo2103d ago

Of course a korean game looks nice they are Japanese

dcj05242103d ago

They really are though. South Korea today is similar to Japan in the 80s and 90s in terms of games/technology.

Ittoryu2103d ago

The thing that turns me off to just about, no no all MMO's is the incessant fetch quest mechanic every single MMO I've seen is just one long string of fetch missions one after another. I get bored very quickly in fact its used to much in all gaming.



brich2332103d ago

I think daum potplayer is one of the products of Daum, its from Korea and I been using it for over 2 years now on pc.

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