The Witcher 3 fps can be "anything on PC"

GR-UK writes: "During a recent Q&A, CD Projekt Red's lead engine programmer, Balázs Török, offered us some insight into the technical workings of their hugely anticipated RPG, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

"Right now we are aiming at having 30 fps on the consoles," Török said when asked what kind of framerates console gamers could expect. "What we want to have is really a beautiful world. This game is more about immersing yourself in the world, and not about having the quick combat... This is an RPG and not a fighting game, to put it in simple terms."

When asked if it would be 60fps on PC, Török said: "It depends on your PC. It can be anything on PC.""

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gillri3090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )

unfortunately that be under 10 for most PC gamers ROFLMAO!

Deividas3090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )

What the hell you talking about? PC gamers have the best chance to have the best FPS because they have the most options available to them to adjust the settings anywhere from AA to Resolution. And worst case they have the option to upgrade their Rig if they so choose to get the most out of the game and future titles.

Eonjay3090d ago

Thats the point though. A given experience can not be guaranteed on all PCs. Some people think that every PC will produce 8xMSAA on ultra @ 4k @ 1000 FPS. When they say that PC is best they don't mean ALL PCs. You can play BF4 on a a R7 240 for $69.99.

Daniel_Potter3090d ago

Another moron who assumes that you can't build a pc with just 400$ that can run games better then next gen consoles

GameDev13090d ago

Can you? My laptop cost more than $400, and cant run next gen games

eXclurel3090d ago

@GameDev1 He said "build", not "buy".

randomass1713090d ago

The only downside is it's very intimidating to get into the parts and the actual process of building a PC. I'm fine with my PC, I would rather play my new games on my consoles while I play some of my older games on Steam. PCs can definitely run games at high settings, but you need to know what you're doing and have the money to spend.

hellzsupernova3089d ago

Just ordered all the parts for my pc. AMD 8350 and r9 290 combo

I_am_Batman3089d ago

You simply can't. And you would be a fool for even trying imo. If you want a good PC $600 is pretty much the lowest you should be ready to spend. I'd actually recommend spending $800-$1000 if you want a good gaming PC.

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Belasco3090d ago

Oh dear lord...I really have no words.

ATi_Elite3090d ago

Seeing how most Laptops with a Core i7 even with a integrated HD4000 GPU can play most games at 30 fps I don't see the humor in your comment.

even though I know you are JOKING......I just don't find it funny especially from someone who JUST now started gaming in 1080p.....and that's if you even have a XB1/PS4.

JackOfAllBlades3090d ago

What a *******, more like console gamers are more likely to have bad fps. Most people who game on PC are enthusiasts with nice builds.

OutcastMosquito3090d ago

Hurp dee durp "unforchonatly tht bee undur 10 fore mowst pC gammers

kingduqc3090d ago

a 150$ gpu with an old ass cpu will produce a better gameplay experience then both next gen, what are you smoking?

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TitanUp3090d ago

that is a great thing about pc gaming you get the performance and graphics that fit into your personal budget.

ibrake4naps3090d ago

Mine would be 5 :-( guess I'll get it for ps4...

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