Developer Releases VR Bungee Jumping Demo

VRFocus - An indie developer by the name of Cuby Com has released a new virtual reality (VR) demo allowing users to experience a virtual bungee jump. The brief demo, titled Bangee Jumping VR, is available to download for free on both PC and Mac over on the Oculus VR Share Beta. Little information about the title exists outside of the demo itself, although footage of the title, as seen below, does give you a full walkthrough.

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NerdBurglars2102d ago

i wonder if this will make anyone fall over when playing it

Septic2102d ago

If they can relay the sense of vertigo with VR, we're on to a winner. I have briefly felt that in some games before.

Look at this vid:

I'm afraid of heights and this makes my legs tingle. Vertigo can easily be enhanced in VR.

Smitty20202102d ago

Looks promising, just need to get the hands and feet in play :) imagine playing a shooter game where u physically have to run yourself ect survive of the fittest, the pounds would drop off lol

kevco332102d ago

Omni have already revealed that game! TraVR.