Diehard GameFAN: Demon Gaze Review

DHGF: Demon Gaze is basically the Mass Effect 3 of dungeon crawlers; so much time is spent creating an endearing experience that anyone can enjoy, only for the game to shoot itself in the foot in the last hour in such a way that it can sour the entire experience. The game makes a very good effort at accessibility prior to that point, between a cute and excessive plot, colorful and interesting (if not technically top notch) visuals, strong audio presentation, and mechanics that are both readily accessible and full of novelties and functionally interesting elements to impress newcomers and fans alike. There’s a lot of variety and content to the experience that could bring players back for more even after the game is complete, and it’s easy to see where the game went right in so many ways to bring newcomers into the fold while impressing diehard fans at the same time. There are some annoying mechanical choices, true, such as constant buff wipes in a game where boss fights are wars of attrition and party layout swapping skills that are just annoying, as well as a complete lack of resurrection skills (except on one demon super late in the game), but even these could have been forgiven. The final hour of the game, however, is the sort of thing only the diehard will enjoy, between seven boss battles in a row with no save points and a final boss that is absurdly hard in general and insulting given the game he appears in, and it sours the wide appeal of the entire game as a result.

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