Trials Fusion Review - Chet & Jon

A lack of online multiplayer at launch, coupled with an ambiguous season pass and some botched difficulty scaling means that Fusion is a solid but ultimately disappointing sequel.

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Yi-Long2102d ago

This is the idea I've been getting from when it (Season Pass) was first announced, and I even asked about it on their FB, and they of course denied and said the base-game was their biggest game yet, content-wise, etc etc.

I'm glad I decided to not impulse-buy and I'll wait for a severe price-drop, cause as I stated earlier, I don't want to support this kinda greedy practice. It absolutely seems content was left out on purpose. That, AND the very inflated price, AND the whole uPlay crap, etc etc.

I'll wait.

Like this review says, Evolution was such amazing value for money, and such a great game with perfect balance. This isn't. And I'll vote with my wallet, as always.