Xbox Deal of the Week – 22nd-28th April 2014

This weeks Xbox Deal of the Week is available right now for all Xbox Live Gold members. Fancy a discount on some titles?


It seems there's a little discount for Xbox One as well.

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user95970822107d ago

How many times are they gonna waste the weekly sale on NBA 2K14?

Septic2107d ago

I wish it was on for the Xbox One, then I would actually buy it.

Ghost_Nappa2107d ago

If you buy the digital version on the 360 you only have to pay 9.99 for the One version.

jackanderson19852107d ago

it's 17% off the X1 version... pittance really but a discount none the less

ghostface92106d ago

nba 2k14 is discounted on x1 to 50

Ghost_Nappa2107d ago

As long as people are buying it

user95970822107d ago

I swear this game tears is ugly head in the weekly deals at least once a month. Put some new games in the lineup

Clunkyd2106d ago

TitanFall is discounted to 36.99 for every platform on Amazon.

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oKidUKo2107d ago

Not interested in any of these, got NFS on Xbox One.

Would love to see some XBLA titles that haven't been in the sale before... there must be a few.

neil3632107d ago

17% off NBA 2K14 on Xbox One as well. At least we get to see a discount on some One stuff for a change.

2107d ago
cfc782106d ago

No deal for me maybe next time.