RUMOR: Wii Disrupts Pacemakers

While the silver set might be in Nintendo's cross hairs, old gamers with bad tickers beware. Kotaku heard this from a few sources, but nothing has yet been confirmed or denied by Nintendo, so take this with pitch of salt. Apparently, the infrared Wii-mote is not good for pacemakers and can interfere with them. Nintendo supposedly put up signs at the recent Nintendo World event in Japan as a precaution.

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Sphinx4447d ago

Wait... no, nevermind... I don't have a pacemaker... sweet...

joemutt4447d ago

Maybe you can fix it with that "Operating Room" game where you do surgeries and stuff.

BIadestarX4447d ago (Edited 4447d ago )

bringing gamming to the next level: death!
Forget getting into the game! Now, when you play the wii and you die in the game you also die for real!
That would make a nice ad.

OutLaw4446d ago

I could see a kid going "Hey grandpa come over here I want to try something out."

THWIP4446d ago's bad enough that the Wii forces people to exercise while they game. Now, it looks like it's DESIGNED TO KILL people, one way or another....the silent killing machine.

What happened to the "friendly" Nintendo of yesteryear? :(

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