10 Most Annoying and Punchable Video Game Characters

JunkExplorer: You probably might have noticed that a lot of games have one character that tries to be cheery, funny or serious, but for some reason the developers forget that they shouldn’t eat the player’s brain. So with that in mind, here is the list of Top 10 most ANNOYING characters in video games.

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TitanUp2100d ago

murlocs and tidus, voice dialogue doesnt hold up to well compared to the standards of today's games and i believe that is one of the reasons people find tidus annoying.

i for one really liked tidues

now onto murlocs i have to be honest i didnt think they were in the game to be funny, i was like ok i gotta kill em and that was that i never thought about them being much more than that.

viccrack2099d ago

some people have murlocs ringtones in their phones lol

TitanUp2099d ago

wish we had a longer period of time to edit our post.

really find that surprising i had no ideal murlocs are that big of a deal.

DeadRabbits2100d ago Show
harrisk9542099d ago

I liked the Harry Flynn character!

sdozzo2099d ago

Clementine. We would have lived if not for that whiny brat.

I_am_Batman2099d ago

I always liked Tails and the Dog from Duck Hunt and instead of Tidus I'd put Hope from FFXIII in there. Then I'd add Hermes from God of War 3.

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