Titanfall Holds Strong at the Top of the Sales Charts in the UK; Keeps FIFA World Cup at Bay

Apparently there's no stopping the Titanfall train in the UK, as shown by the UKIE sales charts for last week, that see Respawn's shooter at the top for the second week in a row.

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Goku7812098d ago

At least the game is selling, if not Xbox Ones.

NewMonday2098d ago

it's bundled for free with the XB1 in UK, it's like Knack almost outselling Forza because it was bundled with the PS4 in Japan.

also inFAMOUS:SS is still outselling Titanfall(XB1) in Germany, France and Italy and the rest of Europe most likely..

Manic20142098d ago

The bundled copies are digital downloads, I don't think they count towards to the initial sales figures.

pornflakes2098d ago

Germany.. the country which sells 8k consoles each week :P

christocolus2098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )


How does that affect what the article is saying? Its at the top of the charts in uk and your here trying so hard to downplay it, quoting sales in france and germany. Infamous isnt even related to this topic..

Does it annoy you to see the game actually doing well? You try too hard bro.

B-radical2098d ago

You sound mad man. Seriously relax its just a game.

NewMonday2098d ago


sorry for bringing up inconvenient information.

Eonjay2098d ago

You do realize that this included Xbox 360 as the article clearly states.

Volkama2098d ago

It's quite impressive that an online-only FPS game is outselling a FIFA game. FIFA is a behemoth franchise over here.

World Cup fever hasn't really set in though. Maybe when the domestic football season comes to an end and people go World Cup mad for the summer this one will pick up. Or maybe people will recognise that they already have FIFA 14 and this is a horrible cash-in, so they will just ignore it.

nix2098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )

FIFA World Cup is nothing but FIFA 14 with World Cup in the cover of the package. Don't expect great sales on this episode.

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Charybdis2098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )

lol I know for sure that inFamous is outselling titanfall in rest of europe besides Germany France and UK not sure which countries are selling xb1 or haven't been playstation dominant countries

Bundi2098d ago

he says with tears streaming down his face

Charybdis2098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )

In general playstation brand and sales have been bigger in Europe in comparison with the US (exception of maybe the UK). Bundling ofcourse plays a roll with titanfall sales for comparison sake also note that there is also a infamous bundle available.

Its a shame the xb1 hasn't launched in other (all) european markets making it a given that inFamous sales are higher in other european countries were titanfall and xb1 officially aren't available.

@bundi: trolls troll so keep on trolling.

Eonjay2098d ago

Doesn't anyone realize that these are 360 sales? It like a few months in and we forget the xbox 360 is still the top last gen console in UK.

imt5582098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )

Well, great success for TitanFall on X360 at least.


X360 - 16 games
PS3 - 8 games
PS4 - 8 games
Xbone - 7 games


PS4 - 7
3DS - 7
360 - 6
WIU - 2
WII - 2
XBO - 2

B-radical2098d ago

Xbox one version is at 3 on individual chart still pretty good

Magicite2098d ago

For some unknown reason Titanfall (Xone) is on top of Amazon UK in video games 2014.

randomass1712098d ago

I would gather the reason is that it's a pretty good game that people want to play. That's just my guess though.

2098d ago
aceitman2098d ago

It clearly states its 360 s titanfall at #1 not x1, and for everyone to know bundles with games do count as sold copies , example knack in Japan , wii sports wii, kinect sports 360,

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candy_mafia2098d ago

This is awesome news!! United Kingdom has always supported Xbox brand!

It seals a sequel, and let's hope it's on all formats next round.

Some people be hating on TF, but we all know they're just secretly envious.

OrangePowerz2098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )

Why? You think it's not possible that people don't like the game? I played the Beta and could buy the game for the PC if I wanted to, but I didn't like what I played. It's not a game for everybody and I rather stick to other online shooters like BF.

For me it is a very overhyped game that was presented as the next evolution in FPS and it's not. Without the makers of CoD behindbthr game they wouldn't have gotten that much hype.

candy_mafia2098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )

Yup I kinda agree, but my statement refers to those who never tried TF and hate on it just because it's not on their system...just like Infamous SS.

...Of course it's possible not to like the game, or any game! That's a pretty dumb question to ask me OrangePowerz?

I've read and enjoyed many of your comments, but it's better not to jump on every comment you see, sometimes :)

wcas2098d ago

I buy COD every year and play it until next COD hits. I bought Titan Fall at launch. Played the heck out of it for about a month. Fourth regeneration or prestige. Already tired of it now. Thinking about trading it in. TF was way over hyped. I knew it but love FPS online. Poor graphics, frame rate, hit detection and bots ruined it for me. Will probably keep it and tool around once in a while, but wow, what a disappointment TF was for me.

OrangePowerz2098d ago

It's N4G you never know. There are strange people in the different console camps :D

DanteVFenris6662098d ago

I'm like you, but I realize all fps suck so I don't buy any of them anymore, bought killzone for launch but that lasted me maybe a week before I was like "done this done that". Only fps I'll ever be excited for is far cry, fallout or borderlands the few that get it right.

@wcas why are you torturing yourself with one of the worst fps ever made.

randomass1712098d ago

@Orange Thing is, for the most part the people I've seen who don't like it are the ones who've actively chosen not to try it at all because they think it looks like a CoD clone. Or because it's only on Xbox One.

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NewMonday2098d ago

I could be intersted maybe if the next game has a good SP along with more real players in MP

Bundi2098d ago

but you're already interested, you are in almost every article relating to the game.

NewMonday2098d ago

not enough to buy it the way it is now.

InTheLab2098d ago

The game is bare bones as hell. Nothing to be envious of, especially if you have an average pc or a 360.

As someone who owns the game, I can assure you that PS gamers are missing about 10 hours of fun and after that, it's filled with wishing there was a pilot only mode with useful weapons, more unlockables, and no bots.

randomass1712098d ago

What? Why the heck would you want a mode without Titans in it?

OrangePowerz2098d ago

Disappointed to see that full priced Fifa in second place. That milk must be really tasty they get from milking the cow. I wish they wouldn't have the exclusive rights for certain sports so we could see some proper competition.

mcstorm2098d ago

You need to remember that here in the UK its more or less football and no other sport that people watch. Rugby is our 2nd biggest sport but a lot smaller than Football here.
Part of the reason I like the USA as they have lots of sports that have a lot of fans for each.

OrangePowerz2098d ago

I'm aware of That I live in the UK :) EA knows they can exploit that. In reality they should have made a DLC for 20 bucks or so.

MegaRay2098d ago

Fifa used to be fun, but not anymore :(
Didnt buy one for about a decade

Volkama2098d ago

Meh it's the world cup, I don't think EA will be the only ones trying to cash in. Hell it's £90 for a replica england shirt, that's an affront to any patriotic spirit this country has left.

The FIFA license is surely very pricey to keep hold of, and to be fair to EA they do actually make pretty broad efforts to improve/refine the game. They have gone in completely the wrong direction for my personal tastes, but I wouldn't accuse them of resting on their laurels.

akurtz2098d ago

its a heavily advertised hyped fps game. It will sell, especially now that its on the 360 with a huge install base.

Fasttrack762098d ago

Having played fifa 14 on next gen and then going back to 360 to play fifa world cup,well not again. Didn't enjoy fifa world cup at all. Wouldn't of deserved top spot in my opinion

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