Rumor: Mario Kart 8 To Receive A Playable Demo Soon

According to a report from WonderCon posted on reddit, Mario Kart 8 is going to receive a playable demo soon.

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BoneBone2104d ago

Why would a booth chick be privy to this information? I don't think so.

eyeofcore2104d ago

Maybe she is a Nintendo fangirl and asked Nintendo representative that in response he said something that he should not and shouldt she be under NDA in a way?

randomass1712104d ago

She might have heard it from a guy who heard it from another guy who might work a bit higher up at Nintendo. Would be nice, but it seems unlikely it's true. Nintendo's almost never done demos for their first party games.

Drithe2104d ago

Because she has boooooooobiiiesss! Noob!!!

BattleN2102d ago

Boom! Dis bitsh be lyin she just wants attention! lol jk!

3-4-52104d ago

I would never play a demo of a game I KNOW I'm going to get Day 1. It would ruin the initial experience.

I understand this for people on the fence about maybe buying a Wii U though.

BattleN2102d ago

Ppl would be stupid to buy a wiiU for just a demo tho lol

deafdani2104d ago

Nowhere in the article does it states that this woman is specifically a booth babe. It just said it's one of Nintendo's representatives in the booth. Could mean anything, dude.

NSANiTY2104d ago

She was one of the people manning the demo stations, telling you about the game and how to play and whatnot. She had the same Nintendo shirt like all the other Nintendo reps at the booth. Not sure why she would go around telling everyone this just for the hell of it. I figured that she was told to tell people this by a manager. Guess we'll see though.

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iplay1up22104d ago

I am kind of doubting it, but who knows. Have you guys noticed, how stingy Nintendo is, about demoing their own games on e-shop? I guess they do not feel they need to, but I disagree. Although they did give us Free Online play with Wii Sports a couple of weeks ago.

randomass1712104d ago

Didn't Wii Sports Club come out like a month or two ago? Anyway, they definitely are stingy with demos and it's because they feel most people won't need them to appeal. First party Sony and Microsoft games typically run the same boat. Those are the games people want on those consoles, so why waste resources on a demo? At least that's what I think they're thinking.

iplay1up22103d ago

Agreed, and yeah Wii Sports Club came out a couple of months ago. It is free, but if you want to play online it is like 9 dollars to purchase each game for unlimited online play.

Dbwesz2104d ago

More than 3 tracks ? Noway when then prob. 1 or 2 tracks

NSANiTY2104d ago (Edited 2104d ago )

I made that post. She told me and seemed to be telling everyone, when they were done playing the demo that a new demo will be downloadable on the Wii U that features more than the 3 tracks that I had played there. I figured that this is what her manager told her to tell everyone when they were done. Sounded pretty damn awesome to me, but yeah I am still a little skeptical myself. I really hope she was right.

randomass1712103d ago

Don't suppose that demo offers any online features? Or is it strictly single player/local multiplayer?

NSANiTY2103d ago

The demo I played was only local 2 player racing. I didn't hear much at all about the (hopefully) upcoming demo except that it's supposed to be downloadable on the wii u, comes out before the full game, and supposed to have more than 3 tracks.

OldDude2104d ago

Who cares, the system needs a defibrillator not a demo.

thehobbyist2103d ago (Edited 2103d ago )


OldDude2103d ago

Okay, you made me laugh... good one )

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