The Road to 30: A Leveling Guide for Final Fantasy XIV

MP1st - "With the recent launch of Final Fantasy XIV for PS4, now is as good a time as any to join the realms of Eorzea. The player population is very high and with new servers opening up such as Jenova, you won’t feel as if you’re much lower on the totem pole than other players in game. If you haven’t subscribed to the game already but plan on doing so shortly, you’ll no doubt want to play catch up and level as fast as possible. Having recently unlocked my first job (the Dragoon), I figured I’d discuss some of my best practices for getting to 30 as quickly as possible."

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joab7772105d ago

Or...enjoy it the first time you level. You will be leveling multiple classes and jobs and doing a bunch of stuff. Yeah, many are fetch quests but you can also take time and enjoy it. FF14 actually has good lore and story.

dcj05242105d ago

Thanks for the tips. I have a level 23 puligist and 22 conjouer so once I'll use these tips on mi lancer.

hkgamer2105d ago

stupid guide.

quickest way to LVL 30/50.


Now that is out of the way, enjoy the journey to LVL 50. Play every instance atleast 4 times. It helps you practice your class and helps you understand all the other classes.

TitanUp2104d ago

i'm just accepting every quest that i can, participating in every fate i come across and doing the group stuff which i always forget the name of.

ff14 is your typical mmo but at the same time it feels different then wow and guild wars 2 cause of the characters and little things.

im happy i bought ff14.