A Tip That Can Improve Your PlayStation Gold Headset or Pulse Headset Experience tell you how you can improve your PlayStation Gold/Pulse Elite experience on the PS4 with one simple tip.

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KingKelloggTheWH2267d ago

This will be helpful....when I get money to get a good headset T_T

generic-user-name2267d ago

It's especially helpful if you have interest in doing commentaries on your gameplay videos.

KingKelloggTheWH2267d ago

I'd just like my horrible puns to be heard clearly

AliTheSnake12267d ago

This existed since day one. You can plug any headset with a mic to the controller and it will work. Downside is, no more virtual surround sound, no control over the volume of chat vs the game's volume. And the controller's battery life gets cut almost in half.

FRAKISTAN2267d ago

is there any difference between PlayStation Gold & Pulse Elite in terms of features and performance?

KingKelloggTheWH2267d ago

I would like to know this too!

rambi802267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

I would not recommend the pulse elite as it has been shown to crack easily. I had to re-reinforce mine with wires.


Aghashie2267d ago

I didn't agree or disagree w u.

Got the PULSE since day one and use them every night, sometimes on the go w my Vita. Headset is still "brand new", no braking appart, no need to reinforce them.

I saw my friend kid stretching the headset to fit two heads in them (he wanted to share w his little neighbor friend - lol!). It stretched a long way before it snaps broken. After I saw that, I am confident that this won't happen to my headset under regular use and care.

I just wanted to share my thoughts :)

Aghashie2267d ago

Performance is the same for both headsets.

Features: PULSE - Can vibrate like a DualShock in response to audio output. You can adjust vibration force or turn it off at all. You can adjust vibration mode to respond better according to game type.

GOLD - You can change different preset equalizer to match game type. Has built in noise cancellation.

You can connect both headsets to PS Companion App to change vibration function/equalizer presets accordingly.

My opinion:

PULSE - Better for immersive gameplay. Earcups get sweaty when room is hot. Comfortable but heavy, not good for very long gaming sessions.

GOLD - Awesome for very long gaming sessions. Great when u have noisy neighbors or people around u when gaming. Folding points may be fragile - easy to brake (not something u want ur kids to use with out supervision).

I got both. Like the PULSE more than the GOLD. But that is just me.

PM me if u got more questions.

generic-user-name2267d ago

Yes, the Gold doesn't have the 'pulse' feature, which makes the Pulse headset kinda vibrate when the bass kicks in.

The Pulse can also make any device wireless thanks to it's wireless adapter having an 3.5mm jack for you to connect things like your mp3 player or phone. Gold is lacking that feature.

However Gold is less expensive and is supposedly to more comfortable of the two.

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xReDeMpTiOnx2267d ago

I hear this is a nice headset and maybe one I'll pick up for a spare.

But for now i will enjoy my a40

SSJBen2267d ago

Here's a tip for getting better audio quality in your games: Stop wasting money on gaming headsets.