Game Boy Turns 25, Best 25 Game Boy Games of all Time

Can you believe it? 25 years since the Game Boy was launched! That’s 1989. Now, this may either seem like an ancient technological era or an era where technology was magic, depending on your age, but nonetheless, the Game Boy made its mark as a significant milestone in gaming history.

With that said, we take a look at some awesome facts about the Game Boy and then take a look at the best 25 Game Boy Games of all time. This includes only the Game Boy and Game Boy Color. Not the Advance, or the DS etc.

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WeAreLegion2105d ago

Happy birthday, Game Boy! I'll never forget playing my cousin Kirby's copy of Kirby every day for like two years. I still haven't given it back.

gamedruid2105d ago

ha ha ha...Kirby was awesome! im sure your cousin would have missed it as much as you enjoyed it :D

memots2105d ago

Tetris , super Mario land

prodg522105d ago

I got one for my 12th birthday! I'm getting old:) My mom made stop watching tv and make up my bed that morning. She hid it under my pillow. Best birthday surprise ever.

gamedruid2105d ago

amazing way to receive a gift :)

Milesprowers2105d ago

I loved the Gameboy, Color and Advance.. Never really cared for the DS or 3DS.

gamedruid2105d ago

true...i never liked the DS..and didn't go near the 3DS even.

TitanUp2105d ago

pokemon was awesome, catching, battling and linking up with friends never got old.