4 Final Fantasy Remakes We Want On The PS Vita

The Final Fantasy series contains a number of games that many consider to be classics in the RPG genre. With a combination of memorable characters, interesting plots, and ever-changing gameplay mechanics, most gamers will stay glued to their controllers to experience more than 40+ hours of great content. With the recent release of Final Fantasy X HD Remaster for the PlayStation Vita, some gamers want to see other titles of the classic series make a return on Sony’s portable.

No matter where your fandom may lie with the series, nobody would turn down a chance to replay through the great stories and experiences the franchise has to offer in high definition. Here is a rundown of five titles from the Final Fantasy series that we would love to receive an HD Remaster and released on PlayStation Vita.

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rbailey2100d ago

Some great picks on this list overall. I'm not sure if Sony getting rid of the Square Enix stocks will prevent this from happening, but my guess is it would.

fonger082100d ago

All of these would be awesome, but one has to wonder what the Sony- SquareEnix relationship is like these days.

Becuzisaid2100d ago

12. It's the only one I haven't beaten.

yazter2100d ago


That is all. If remaking either on PS3/PS4 was going to be a monumental task, a Vita remake would be reasonable lol