Why inFamous Second Son is the Best Looking Game on PS4 to Date

Examiner: 'I can't believe how gorgeous this game is, the lighting is so real. It's running @1080p/30fps despite being an openworld game. Anyway, the photo mode is goddamn awesome it makes me feel I'm a great artist lol.'

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DannyTanner2104d ago

This game shows promise. Also it's a promising future for those developing next-gen elite graphics.

TitanUp2102d ago

yep i would like the story to be a bit more than what it was but i had lots of fun with gameplay and mostly liked the story.

it could have just been a bit more story wise.

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Npugz72103d ago

I dont know why people think this game is so impressive graphically! it really isn't that great!

MegaDan2103d ago ShowReplies(1)
johndoe112112103d ago

Yeah.....sure bro.....whatever you say.

ChickeyCantor2103d ago

In all honesty though from a technical point of view it is nothing new. If this is what impresses you now then no wonder games have been stagnating for the last 6 years.

johndoe112112102d ago


Yeah.....sure bro.....whatever you say.

ChickeyCantor2102d ago (Edited 2102d ago )

Yeah, "bro", pretending this game does some magic that can only be done now is hilarious.

Hell, I'm not even criticizing the game. Just the idea that people get excited over something that has been done before and better ( yes I'm talking about PC's, if you haven't grasped it ).

Mind you, I like consoles as much as I love my pc. But this idea that we only have to get excited about console-games looking great now is stupid. Another 6 years for developers to limit themselves while technology grows but is underplayed because consoles come first.

NeoTribe2103d ago

Yeah ok... name something better looking...

CuddlyREDRUM2102d ago

A port of a game from a year before, Tomb Raider.

Just my opinion.

Maybe I thought it looked better because it was playable.

Hicken2102d ago

I don't know why people wanna downplay this game. There aren't any others that look as good.

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diehardmetallicafan2103d ago

For me its the best looking game so far, plus it's one of the most fun games i have played in a long long time. In the last year I've been drawn towards the single player, story-driven games and the last competitive multiplayer game i played was battlefield 3 which was over a year ago. I can only take so much 'grinding' and 'level ups' and 'in-game purchase options'.

MoB212103d ago

Lol I hate articles like this.

"Why inFamous Second Son is the best looking game on PS$ to date"

All you have to do is watch videos or play the game to see this, don't need an article about it

BG115792103d ago

Yep, it's like overstating the obvious and making an article about it.

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