Why do I still care about achievements and trophies when my friends have lost interest?

James O'Connor of MMGN: In the early years, it was fun trying to catch up with and overtake friends who had owned their consoles longer. It was neat to compare scores, to share milestones, to get a little competitive about it. With each recent change of the Xbox’s UI though, Gamerscores have been pushed further into the background. Comparing your scores against your friends through the system isn’t as intuitive as it used to be, and more to the point absolutely no one I know seems to care about them anymore.

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colt-of-tipton2097d ago

Im the same , I think I will always be a achievement whore like the article said for me it genuinely adds longevity to a game and makes me do things I wouldn't normally do prier to achievements like complete games at hardest difficulty etc etc..

yeahright22096d ago

I've been this way since before there were achievements or trophies. I've always been a completionist when it comes to games. I guess it's because I'm more of an rpg type. Doing the side quests led me to want to do everything, gain every ability, every summon etc.

And now with ps4 where you can compare your trophies with the world, I get an extra boost in gamer pride when I see that I've done what only .5%, .2%, or even .1% of others have done. Of course that goes away as soon as I turn the console off, but it's nice for the moment.