Could Uncharted 4 be in trouble? Signs point to "yes"

Gamesradar- "Something's going down behind closed doors at Naughty Dog, and it doesn't bode well. It all started with the departure of Amy Hennig in March, who had been the writer and director of the Uncharted series; she's now working on an unannounced Star Wars project at Visceral Games. Later that month, Justin Richmond, the game director on the upcoming Uncharted game for PS4, left Naughty Dog for Riot Games.

Today, we're hit with a one-two punch of troubling Naughty Dog news: Nate Wells, the lead artist on The Last of Us, is moving to indie developer Giant Sparrow, and the only known character confirmed for Uncharted PS4 has been recast, following the departure of writer and actor Todd Stashwick, who will be joining Hennig at Visceral. It all begs the question: Just what in the hell is going on over there?"

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KingKelloggTheWH3091d ago

A few people being fired doesnt mean the game is screwed.

Rikitatsu3091d ago

Normally, that is true,
But when the two creative leads on the game (Henning, and another person) leave around the same time. This mean the creative vision of the game might be negatively effected/compromised.

The people who envisioned the game are no longer there to see it through.

It's absolutely a cause for concern.

Kingthrash3603090d ago

for all we know the story and art is complete..all thats left is the tek side of the game.this may well be the last uncharted...givin nd's past i may be right. they always move on with new ip's when a new console comes....
ps1 crash
ps2 jak
ps3 uncharted/tlou
ps4 tlou continuation and likely a new ip.
just sayin.

KingKelloggTheWH3090d ago

Henning was a writer, and the other was what an art guy? This isnt something like Kingdom Hearts where one guy is Super important ( Nomura )

Rikitatsu3090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )


The game's director (Justin Richmond) left with Hennig... The Director... Left. :/

Also, Hennig isn't just a "writer"... She was "Creative Director".

I'm not even an Uncharted fan and I know this.

EDIT: Why do I bother, it's N4G so everyone's gonna act like this:

GiggMan3090d ago

I can see the reviews now lol. You have certain sites that love to give AAA exclusives (especially Sony's) bad reviews for clicks. Now they can just blame it on the departures no matter how good the game is.

The facts are that Naughty Dog and Uncharted are fine. I'm sure there are plenty of talented people at ND and lots more all over the world. One person leave, insert another and keep the party going...

I'll be glad when Sony throw the nay sayers a bone so these articles can stop. A little over a month to go.

Sharky2313090d ago

The game is in good hands with Neil Druckmann. No worries!

ger23963090d ago

It's a little early to panic.We don't know anything as far as game development is concerned. I'll reserve judgement until the game is released or I see something at e3.

kingdom183090d ago

@KingKelloggTheWH I think I felt fear run through my body at the thought of that. I mean I love the story, but I can't imagine what would happen if someone else took over.

medman3090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )

I'm definitely concerned, particularly with Hennig's departure as she really was Uncharted. She wrote great stories. She will be missed. Having said that, her absence doesn't mean doom and gloom, people move on all the time from all types of companies. Naughty Dog has enough talent to overcome her loss to the franchise. My main concern is over the fact this could mean a reboot of whatever Hennig was working on and the team now going in a completely different direction, meaning the game will not see release for quite some time longer than may have been expected initially. I hope that is not the case. I have no idea who is now heading the Uncharted project. I'm not convinced at all it's Druckman or Straley, as they would presumably be still working on TLOU and it's inevitable sequel, or a new franchise, not to mention the Uncharted movie Druckman is said to be writing the script for.

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ALLWRONG3090d ago

4 key people have jumped ship in the past month.

Geekman3090d ago

Unless it's Halo 5 according to my idiot Sony fanboy friend. "DURRR! THE MUSIC IS GONNA SUCK!"

corvusmd3090d ago

I think it's too early to say this with any sort of certainty. The signs aren't great, but they could mean nothing at the same time

jhoward5853090d ago

That's messed up. Sound like a pay cut issue.

SCW19823090d ago

Oh GamesRadar you used to be the best sight around now you post speculative garbage like this. How the mighty have fallen.

Team_Litt3090d ago

No, everything is just fine. Writers, producers, artists and directors quit in the middle of projects all the time. Don't you know? I mean everybody knows that a movie or game goes through like 20 directors before its debut...right?

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