Walking Dead Game of the Year Edition for PS4 spotted on Gamestops's website

Walking Dead Game of the Year Edition for PS4 was spotted on Gamestop's website. Seems to be priced at $29.99 and has a release date of 6/17/14.
Not listed for Xbox One.

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PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt3091d ago

nice ill possibly pick it up i havent played these yet

GarrusVakarian3091d ago (Edited 3091d ago )

This is what i have been waiting for. My friends have constantly been telling me to get my 360 back out to play episode 2 but ive been holding off.

Hopefully this is true.

Edit: Seeing as you haven't played this yet, i would definitely recommend it. Imo, it's much better than the show.

Nitrowolf23090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )

I hope it's not as buggy as it was the first time it came to disc on the PS3.

I like these games a lot, but I just can't wrap my mind why TTG games are still havign so much issues (FPS, bugs, ect). Wolf Among Us has become my favorite adopted series by them (even mroe than walking dead), but everytime I play a new episode it gets more clunky with the frame-rates and such.

Prime1573090d ago

Yeah, I didn't play past episode one either, but everyone says I should...

I have this in my room, sealed for $50-$60 usd:

but ps+ gave us the whole season for free... staying sealed ftw... although that comic book is tempting...

Rickgrimes953090d ago

I would rather they bring season 2 and the wolf among us over

parentoftheyear3090d ago

I want Season 2!!! I guess i get to snag it on the Vita today at least!

ado9083090d ago

Is there really a point tho? I men I ca see the resolution and frames getting a boost. Overall I don't see how graphics will look better seeing as its not a graphically phenomenon to begin with.

GuruMeditation3090d ago

I don't know about that. I mean, it's good for people like me who didn't get around to it last gen. See what you mean though; due to the art style there's not much scope for upgrading it imho.

randomass1713090d ago

The comic book art style is pretty simplistic. As long as they make the framerate less choppy and work on the lip sync a bit more, that would drive up incentive to double dip as well as market this as the definitive version.

heisenberguk3090d ago

Have you ever seen The Simpsons on blu ray? Looks TONS better!

ado9083090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )

I'm assuming you mean the movie? That's the thing tho, walking dead was on the ps3 which was on blue ray. Seeing quality differences between movies and games are different in my opinion.

randomass1713090d ago

You know what? I called it. Someone pick up the dang phone, cuz I called that. Anyway, great news for PS4 owners. :)

danny8183090d ago

Bring me season 2 dickhead telltale

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The story is too old to be commented.