NINDY CON 2014's Indie Sign Ups Now Open!

The upcoming 2014 NINDY CON hosted by Indies (for free) has now opened public sign ups for Indies focused on Nintendo everywhere! Every Indie participating gets a free channel (online booth) at this years Nindy Con!

NindyCon is not just a once a year type of event. Sure we will have the summit once a year where you get to livestream with other Nintendo based indies, but there will also be other events held throughout the year like GameJams and developer talks and well as all types of gaming articles. If you are a Nintendo Indie developer we want to here from you, and if you're not with Nintendo yet we can push you in the right direction.

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HullBreach2267d ago

Thank you N4G for your support at bringing Indies to Nintendo gamers everywhere.

CthulhiGames2267d ago

The site is still a work in progress, much of the layout and design have been completed, but is still hidden because we need more indies to load it up with,

JamieSinn2267d ago

The livestream should be up and running for testing as soon as we have twitch partnership

HullBreach2267d ago

Scott from PLEX TV onboard too

MasterCornholio2267d ago

I'm happy that Sony and Nintendo are giving tons of support to indies. Those developers deserve their help so that they can bring Playstation and Nintendo fans great new experiences to play.

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