The Daily Five: Outrageous Weapons

"We here at Stealthy Box have never shied away from our love of video game weaponry. From things that go bang to great swords that go clang, we love them all. While we’ve talked about some of the most devastating weapons in video game history in the past, today we are going to look towards the bizarre. Those weapons that are silly, goofy, or just down right outrageous.

Today, we list off five of the most outrageous weapons in gaming." - Travis Tucker

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-Foxtrot2100d ago

If Square Enix started selling high quality replicas of Final Fantasy weapons I would so buy a Gunblade.

KingKelloggTheWH2100d ago

They need to play FF8, the "gun" part of the weapon has a use, it doesn't shoot but it isn't just for looks. heck they should have just checked the FF8 wiki.