Call of Duty 2014 – ‘Competitive Scene is Very Important to Sledgehammer Games’

MP1st - Our first real peek at Call of Duty 2014 is just around the corner as we approach the month of May, but already we’re learning about the sort of plans studio head Michael Condrey and his team at Sledgehammer Games have in store for their debut entry.

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Bruce_Wayne3091d ago

I get killed in Ghosts, spawn, get shot from the side within one picosecond, get killed, spawn again, rinse and repeat. Or if that doesn't happen to me, it happens to my opponents. Nothing competitive about that.

If it's broken, fix it. Hope Sledgehammer games fixes this.

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Iamnemesis48803090d ago

The vast majority of COD gamers like myself have went back to older COD games ghosts is garbage sledge please do not go down the road that IW went. Make a game that all of us love. Most of the time i either play BO2 or MW3 but at this time just loving it on titnfall real fast paced love everything about it. Next cod game get rid of the killstreaks make it gamer to gamer or in my case quickscoping is my thing bolt action vs machine guns and most of the time the sniper comes out on top.

oODEADPOOLOo3090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )

"COD" "Competitive Scene":

MadLad3090d ago

I thought the competitive scene was still sticking to older titles in the series?


They are because the older titles are more consistent.

supersonicjerry3090d ago

They never stick to the older series in the competitive scene lol it changes every year when the new game comes out.

combolock3090d ago

Didn't Sledgehammer help with MW3? I liked that one (although a little below MW2), the survival mode was cool.

KyRo3090d ago

IIRC they helped with the single player portion of MW3. This will be their first attempt at a fully fledged COD game. I'm not expecting to much but you never know...

I wish it was Treyarch's turn for this years COD tbh

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The story is too old to be commented.