Why Valkyria Chronicles Rocked

Jeremy of PL Writes "A game should introduce something that has never been done before. Valkyria Chronicles delivers. It laid the template that all other SRPG developers need to follow.

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StockpileTom2100d ago

Why do publishers like killing my favorite games?

Inception2100d ago

On VC case, the blame solely on gamers. Why the majority of western gamers choose to bought generic FPS rather than amazing games like Valkyria Chronicles, Tearaway, or Wonderfull 101? :(

StockpileTom2100d ago (Edited 2100d ago )

That is true but another variable in this is advertising... all those shooters, even some of the worse ones had somewhat decent advertising.

I had no idea the game existed if it weren't for the fact that I got really bored and browsed through game demos one day. I also found a trailer for a game called Demon's Souls that day both were great finds that I would have not known about until they were off the primary market. (I now check sites like this every day to make sure I don't let any gems slip by me again!)

Inception2100d ago

One of the best JRPG i ever played on last gen. If only more people buy this game and not generic FPS, than maybe we can have VC 2 & 3 on PS3 instead of PSP.

I hope we will see VC 4 on PS4 *start praying*