New Titanfall Mythbusters Reveals Sad Robots and Server Crashing Satchel Charges

MP1st - A new Titanfall-related entry in DefendTheHouse‘s popular Mythbusters series shows you what happens when you shoot at a happy MRVN robot, and the strange effects that C4-ing an escaped evac ship has on Titanfall’s game servers.

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Septic1639d ago

Haha wtf. Server crash if you detonate satchels on dropships in space if they are on critical health? Lol that's silly. (also the fact that those satchel charges have INSANE range to get signal from the remote...the future).

TRD4L1fe1639d ago

Yea that's pretty nuts lol. I'm sure once redrawn sees this it will be fix to maybe make any satchel charges disappear once in space

1639d ago
Magicite1638d ago

redrawn lol? Its Respawn.

DLConspiracy1639d ago

"Prepare for (a lot of server crashes on) Titanfall" now.