Leaked PlayStation Now Beta Loading Times for All the New Games Are Consistent Under 40 Seconds

The loading times for all but one of the new games included in the PlayStation Now beta are now under 40 seconds, setting a pretty good trend.

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oakshin2106d ago

in the next few years broadband speeds r going to boost and it will comedown to price with this service cuz as it sits for me i can

1)buy the game

2)pay for gamefly

3)rent it from redbox

if the library is good and its redbox price r cheaper it might be a success by default around the southeast USA

Godmars2902106d ago (Edited 2106d ago )

At the way cable/internet providers are going, in the next few years service is going to the same but you'll have to pay more to use it.

That or Google will be the sole provider.

2106d ago
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alexkoepp2105d ago

Don't these guys know that it is impossible to do graphics computing server side and stream them to your console? At least thats what everyone here says when you mention cloud computing...



I don't know if you're playing dumb or what, but no one says that!

In fact, it's you getting streaming video of a game confused with partial cloud computing like MS had been talking about, they are not the same thing. Ouya is out there doing exactly that later one for quite some time now, Vita and PSP remote play are basically the same deal too, but to take some of the load out of the hardware and remotelly computing it is still basically conceptual as far as games goes (MS clains it's doing it, no proofs so far, but even if they are doing some it's obviously very limited).

And don't get me wrong, even for cloud computing aid like what MS is trying, it's obviously not impossible. It's very doable under controlled circunstances, just not practical with current internet speeds for final users. It may be in the future, but them again, by the time internet is that capable why even waste money on hardware beyond the bare bones for streming games? Total stream will be perfect by them and we'll all be paying for some kind of online service anyway... Sad for those of us who like physical copies, but that may very well be future ahead of us.

Godmars2902105d ago

"It's very doable under controlled circunstances, just not practical with current internet speeds for final users."

And that is where the cloud criticisms comes from. MS were trying to sell the XB1 on things it likely wont be able to do for years past its release. That their DRM which all added up to internet dependency and an Xbox subscription.

AndrewLB2105d ago

Is that why Time Warner Cable has been upgrading Los Angeles customers for free?

50/10 = 200 down
30/5 = 150 down
20/2 = 100 down

It's TWC MAXX Internet. Not too shabby. Many people near downtown LA have it already.

oakshin2105d ago

I have charter internet and my speed was just bumped from 30 MB to 60 in March so I dunno about u but in the southeast are speeds double every year r two

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TitanUp2106d ago

kind of off topic

i havent rented a game in 10 years

ITPython2105d ago

PSN cloud computing FTW!

Kinda funny how Sony has the lead with utilizing cloud computing technology. Especially since MS have been hyping it up so much as this huge game-changer, but have showed nothing worthwhile coming from it yet. Guess the famous saying still runs true: "If you want something done right, do it yourself!"

Interesting thing about PS Now is that theoretically we could be able to play PS4 games on our PS3's, and they would have the same visual and performance strength as the PS4. How cool would that be!

As for trying out PS Now beta, I got the invite/code and downloaded the app to my PS3, however they say my net speed is far too slow to use it properly, but I may try it someday just to see what would happen.

GribbleGrunger2105d ago

I think PS4 demos are definitely a possibility but Sony aren't going to stop PS4 sales by making full games available.

AndrewLB2105d ago

You guys are hilarious. For the past year I've heard nothing but smack-talk over Microsoft's DRM flip-flop yet here is Sony, emplimenting the ULTIMATE in DRM technology... and its "yay for PSN cloud computing!!".

Cloud computing is the devil, regardless of who is pushing it.

ITPython2105d ago (Edited 2105d ago )

@Gribble - Very good point, my guess is that a few years down the road they might do this for older PS4 games, perhaps this could be done with just a few games to entice PS3 owners who haven't moved on yet to finally get a PS4.

Or better yet, how about PS4 game demos on the PS3 via PS Now to help persuade them to get a PS4! Would be a very interesting tactic.

@Andrew - It's a game rental service, which just so happens to be a form of cloud-computing. How is it the ultimate in DRM technology?

rainslacker2105d ago

I'd really like PS+ members to be able to use this service for the 1 hour trials they offer. It's a pain to download the whole game to demo it for an hour.

I find gamefly to be the most reasonably priced among all the services for renting, and they also offer titles from multiple systems. I'm hoping Sony finds a nice sweet spot for people like me who are likely to buy games over renting, but would still like to load up a random game from time to time.

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LAWSON722106d ago (Edited 2106d ago )

I will not be needing this service for at least a long while. I emulate PS2 games at 1080p and PS1 games and I have no plans to get rid of my PS3 (which has a ridiculous number of PS2 rereleases anyways). I guess for those that dont game on PC and want a seemless and simple experience might get a lot from this, but I am just not that kind of consumer. Also load times on those emulated games are pretty quick

MegaRay2106d ago

Lol you're getting dislikes like crazy...
I myself wont buy psnow (I have suck connection) but if PS4 can emulate psone/2 games in 1080p then I will be happy to buy it again, if not then... ill happily use my PC to emulate. ..

LAWSON722106d ago (Edited 2106d ago )

These PS4 fanboys are just hilarious. It is like, anything not praising Sony gets down voted by everyone lol. I am surprised I still have 5 bubbles because I always say PS4 has no games that appeal to me yet and am not super excited to play a game again I played about 3 months ago at a higher res.

Baka-akaB2106d ago

I wont be dropping ps2 emu either . I still got my original ps1 ps2 games , and many of those are unlikely to appears playable in the most likely limited list of PS Now .

Or does someone care to pretend that Xenosaga 1-3 , Valkyrie Profile Silmeria , Tales of Xillia 1-2 , Vesperia and way more lower in profile and popularity jrpgs are going to be playable in the first years , or at all ?

Same goes with the ps3 . Ill just give the service a chance with a few titles , but dont expect alot from it at first .

Godmars2902105d ago

Square Enix certain wont offer what would be fan favorite titles. Not without some editing.

frostypants2105d ago (Edited 2105d ago )

So, you aren't going to buy it? Cool story bro.

People aren't disliking because they're fanboys, they're disliking because your post was pointless.

eferreira2105d ago

I think your getting disagrees because your pirating the games on your pc.

LAWSON722105d ago

Well sure I am, why would I pay for an inferior version when I can play a better one for free. It just makes no sense, if a dev wants my money for an old game they better put some effort into a rerelease or they are not getting my money.

Besides even if I went out of my way and bought actual physical copies of these games it is not like the devs get my money anyway.

aquamala2105d ago

emulation is not piracy, PCSX2 can play from PS2 disks on PC (for better performance you would still want to rip it to the hard drive though)

Gamerjunki32105d ago (Edited 2105d ago )

Emulation on PC is not necessarily pirating.

As stated, you can purchase PS2 games and run them from the disc drive.

But let's be honest here, pirating an old game really possesses no significant consequences. For example, I'm typically against piracy, but even I decided to emulate MGS: The Twin snakes. And I don't think that's necessarily inconsistent, as you have to ask why someone is against piracy.

I'm against piracy because I think it is best to support the creator.

So how can a game, long past its prime do that now?

Are the developers really expecting a constant revenue stream from an old game? Not being able to buy it brand new would indicate a resounding "no".

Which brings me on to my second point, if I had to buy it, I'd only be buying it second hand. That's it. None of that money goes to the creator.

Obviously re-releases are a tricky business, but overall I don't believe for one moment that emulation which isn't backed by N4G's favorite company should be simply discarded (in any way) simply because of piracy.

kingPoS2105d ago

I have no plans to get rid of my PS3...

What a splendid idea! It's no small wonder as to why PS3's hold value so well. PS1, PS2 classics, minis and PSN games: the PS3 plays them all.

You've obviously got that right idea of keep a PS3 around. When you add in PS Now a year from now: Shazam! more gaming goodness, but on the go with a handheld or mobile.

Gateway MT6706 2008

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Joe9132106d ago

Just got my invite today can't wait to try when I get home.

welly3002106d ago

I still cant see a point to this service Im not going to rent old games dont mind payin a few quid for a retro game but id want to own it.

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