Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Review | GIZORAMA

Brandon Koch, GIZORAMA - "Dynasty Warriors is a strange series. Each game in the series is essentially a retelling of the same story, The Romance of Three Kingdoms. There are of course historical ties for this Chinese novel dramatizing the 2nd and 3rd century era following the fall of the Han Dynasty in China but overall Dynasty Warriors is a loose interpretation of a novel that is a loose interpretation of history. Starting with Dynasty Warriors 3, a Xtreme Legends expansion pack would follow with additional characters and features. Dynasty Warriors 8 is no different as Omega Force loads up the game with a quite a bit of new content such as a whole new campaign for the villainous Lu Bu, a challenge mode, a new difficulty, an extended Ambition mode, five new character to play, and a few gameplay tweaks."

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NewMonday2103d ago

surprised this a PS4 new gen exclusive

with and Amazing Spider-Man2 and Bound by Flame looks like 3rd party publishers are abandoning XB1 quick