Can't Seem to Find a Reason to Own the Xbox One

Having been a multi-console owner forever, the author tries to find a reason to own Microsoft's next-gen system.

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no_more_heroes2103d ago

I haven't found a reason to own either of them, tbh. That's why I'm so anxious for E3 this year. Both MS and Sony need to really impress me this year.

AngelicIceDiamond2103d ago

Hopefully this E3 will convince you and the writer.

PeaSFor2103d ago (Edited 2103d ago )

the whole tv aspects of the xbone dont touch me since i dont watch live tv anymore, the only reason i need to own it would be the exclusives, but right now i will stay with my combo ps4/ps3/pc/3ds/psvita and maybe later in the next year the xbone will join the familly too.

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levian2103d ago (Edited 2103d ago )

There is one reason and one reason only I will eventually buy an XBone. Project Spark.

I already own a PS4 and I know this may be blasphemous, but I've never been the biggest fan of Sony exclusives (Or Microsoft exclusives either). It's just my console of choice.

But Project Spark is one exclusive that has me drooling. I won't be buying Windows 8, seeing as how I just bought a new copy Windows 7 for my PC that I build last year, I'd rather put it towards a full system and being able to play even more awesome games than I could if I forked it out for another version of Windows I don't want or need

DarthZoolu2103d ago (Edited 2103d ago )

I'm playing 6 exclusives on xbox one that are good to great. The only reason I need to buy a console is good games.
Ryse good
Dead Rising 3 great
Titanfall great
Project Spark great
Killer Instinct good
Forza 5 great

Killzone good
Infamous great

I'm not gonna bring up anything thats not out to play right now, tomorrow isn't real yet.

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UnbiasedOpinions2103d ago

This is silly, both consoles have pros and cons and there is one reason to own both of them.........exclusives. period.

no_more_heroes2103d ago

Precisely. I haven't seen any exclusives from either that I find attractive enough. Good games, yes, but nothing that bowls me over completely.

Hence my comment.

Are_The_MaDNess2103d ago

feel the same way here, as a PC gamer i mostly play on my PC and most of the games out now on both consoles are multiplat. only game that is even worth a look right now IMO is inFamous, and even that is suppose to be worse than the last two in the series....

at this point the Wii U is a much better offer, atleast there i can all the games i want and i know there is more coming, not to mention the huge back catalog of older games on the system aswell.

bobacdigital2103d ago

Wii U + PC here... It is really the best of most worlds ...

elmaton982103d ago

Well it depends on your taste anyway. The ps4 is a great console( so is the One) and yes, it may not have too many exclusive right now, but it is great system overall and if you prefer other consoles then kudos to you but both systems (ps4 and the xbox one) will get more games in the future.

mediate-this2103d ago

@no more

Need more disposable income, lol

candy_mafia2103d ago

If you like the exclusives, then any console is worth owning.

jnemesh2103d ago

Just picked up my PS4 this weekend. Since I already subscribed to PS+, I got Resogun, Mercenary Kings, Flower, Flow, and Dead Nation for free! I also purchased some tables on Zen Pinball 2 for my PS3 and those transferred over to the new console as well. That kept me occupied for a couple days, but I really wanted to see what the console was capable I rented Infamous and COD:Ghosts.

COD was COD...rather bland FPS with some GLARING faults (cant count how many times I was spawn killed!). I appreciated the improved graphics and smooth framerate, but it wasnt any more fun than the 360 version.

Infamous, on the other hand, was a BLAST to play! The graphics are top notch, and really show what the console is capable of in the right hands...but more importantly, the game was FUN! I had a hard time putting the controller down last night so I could be well rested for work today! I was a bit skeptical about the game play...but, as I live in the Seattle area, I was EXTREMELY interested in seeing how much of the city they "got right"! (answer, quite a lot!)

In any case, if you are waiting for "That One Game" that will convince you...this is it! Go find somewhere you can play it, it will convince you!

XxExacutionerxX2103d ago

You have a get OUTLAST, that is the best indie game, the setting is great. I havent been that scared of a video game sense the original resident evil back in 1997.

BX812103d ago

Yeah outlast ain't no joke. Turn off the lights and put some headphones on..... enjoy

Magicite2103d ago

My PS3 backlog is so huge and with upcoming games it only gets bigger, oh boy, hope I can finish it sooner than current gen ends :D

hellzsupernova2103d ago

here in New Zealand you can currently buy the Xbox one bundled with Forza 5, Fighter within and Titanfall AND it is $100 off so thats a pretty huge discount already. Made me consider it but im still convinced they will announce a kinect less sku at E3, with their new focus on the gamer and listening to the consumer i cant imagine they wont.

ITPython2103d ago

I have absolutely no reason to get the XB1. I have no interest in any of its games (and all multiplats would be purchased for my PS4), I don't have cable so it's TV functions would be a lost cause, I hate Windows 8 with a passion, I find voice commands to be absolutely asinine and would refuse to pay more for a peripheral I would NEVER use.

As of now, the XB1 has absolutely zero to offer me, however I do have a pretty robust list of reasons why I should, and do, have the PS4. And that list keeps getting bigger all the time.

no_more_heroes2103d ago

Well then, more power to you, bro. No need to be passive aggressive about it lol!

Me not finding anything attractive enough on either console ATM doesn't invalidate anyone's purchase.

Zombro2103d ago

I own both and now that I beat infamous twice I'm so addicted to titanfall at the moment so worth getting an xbox one for

Gamer19822103d ago

You can get it on PC and 360 so not really..

Gamer19822103d ago

This guy has a point in the article if your not interested in Kinect or TV your gonna see that as pricing up your console hurting your decision. The exclusives outside anything with a gun is lacking. We all gave 360 stick as it was the shooters console of choice but it did have decent exclusive content outside of the shooter genre.

Ra30302102d ago

IMO I think this E3 will look a lot like the last E3 as far as what games are shown. Most every game they displayed last E3 has yet to be released. So a great deal of time will be showing updated Video from those games..such as The Division, Drive Club, Halo anything games and or TV show, Witcher 3, Quantum Break, The Order 1886, Rainbow 6. Of course we'll see the yearly release games like CoD and AssAssins Creed and the Sports games. We'll see a couple new things Like the Sony Morpheus and PlayStation Now and Microsoft will talk and show what DX12 can do and whatever plan they have to match the Playstation Now service for the X1. Sony will also show the new F2P Zoombie game and maybe Planetside 2 with a release date that they won't meet. I just look at the still Unreleased games from last years E3 and I have a hard time getting pumped for E3 this year though I will watch and I hope I'm very, very wrong and of course all those thing I pointed are are great and exciting news. I just want "new" game vids and release dates THAT ARE MET!

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Godmars2902103d ago

Until I see what's in store in the way of JRPGs and genres that don't involve 1st/3rd person, as well as PS Now, I can wait on the PS4.

When I buy a PS4 I want it to be able to fully replace my PS3.

lameguy2103d ago

A lot of JRPGs that fit your description are on handhelds/phones nowadays. It'll certainly be interesting if we see one like that on a full console.

With the relative success of Bravely, one can always hope though! Or perhaps hope for a proper 'mirroring' of a handheld to a large screen TV.

Godmars2902103d ago

The point is that they're not on consoles. That's it been a crime of the 7th console gen.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans2103d ago

Get a Vita man. Lots of amazing JRPG's for that bad boy. Most underrated console out. Despite people saying it has no games, it has a lot. Just doesn't have games that appeal to the dude bros who wanna shoot everything.

HighResHero2103d ago

I really like the Vita.
As for next gen consoles. I'm more interested in replacing my PS3 before I buy a PS4.
Maybe I will pick up The Bone some day(sans Kinect) if they get their stuff together.
Very happy with my gaming laptop/PC so I don't mind waiting a little while for next gen.

XxExacutionerxX2103d ago

The vita has one of the best gaming line ups. I dont get why people hate on that handheld, one of the best handhelds ever. I dont see Borderlands 2 running on the Nintendo 3ds.

GiantEnemyCrab2103d ago

Call me old fashion but the games give me a reason. Ryse, DR3, Forza, Titanfall all in one place. With the anticipation for sequels and new games like Quantum Break, Halo, Gears of War, etc.

BlackTar1872103d ago

They both have good reasons to own the systems imo.

But outside of Titanfall and Infamous the games on both systems are kinda Meh on retail titles.

vega2752103d ago

@ giantenemycrab

I agree. The games is the reason I bought the one first. i love the console and games for it. Been having a blast since i bought the thing. Cant wait for E3 and more announcement to come

kewlkat0072103d ago

I'd call you a gamer... How about that..

Chevalier2103d ago

So get a PS3. Their selection destroys Xbone and 360 combined. But I assume you don't own one and just settled for mediocre Xbone releases. Good your happy.

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MasterCornholio2103d ago (Edited 2103d ago )

I can't either. But thats only because I'm not interested in Xbox exclusives or TV features. If the Xbox One played multiplats better I would have that instead of a PS4.

I respect people who own one though. Well owners who don't follow Mr. X that is.

mediate-this2103d ago

The t.v features as you put it are there if you want to use them, i dont use kinect i dont use the t.v features, guess what? It works splendid with out.

beebap2103d ago

Yes true but are people happy that kinect made it the higher price tag and also taking away precious system resources that people use to only talk to their xbox when they could be achieved with simple microphone. Fact is this does matter when games cant even reach 1080p.

MasterCornholio2103d ago (Edited 2103d ago )

"If the Xbox One played multiplats better I would have that instead of a PS4."

Well the PS4 doesn't have TV features and it plays multiplats better which is why I own instead of an Xbox One.

The Xbox Ones main features that sell it are the TV features, Kinect and Xbox One exclusives. However all of that comes with a tradeoff and thats weaker hardware. Most of the games that I play are multiplats so its normal for me to get a console that plays them better. Last gen I had a Xbox 360 this gen I have a PS4. Simple as that. Also since the Xbox One doesn't have exclusives that interest me, doesn't play multiplats better and I'm not interested in its TV features (most dont work in Spain) why should a get one?

Granted other consumers opinions might be different than mine but that doesn't mean that I'm wrong because I'm the only one who can decide what's right for me based on my preferences.

No_Limit2103d ago

Just like my smart phones with many capabilities, how does extra features on a gaming console affect your interest in it? I don't get that whole concept as the TV feature is there for you to use if you want it but you don't have to use it and it will still play Halo 5 and Quantum Break.

MysticStrummer2103d ago

@No_Limit and mediate - Neither of you read his comment. He said he's not interested in XB1 exclusives, so for him there is no upside to XB1.

As for the smartphone analogy, many smartphones have the same features whether you want them or not, but if there was a quality smartphone without unwanted features that cost less, you'd buy it wouldn't you? Assuming it worked with your mobile plan or one that was better, of course.

Chevalier2103d ago

Extra features? Yeah except on a phone it's already there for Xbone your paying extra $100 for something you might not care about at all. So it's not the same if your paying for it. Plus all the 'free' features are behind a paywall so $160 for those 'features'.

Goku7812103d ago

I am with you. Have owned the majority of systems since Atari 2600. But I see no reason to own an Xbox One nor do I want one. That being said I dont own a gaming PC either, but can see justification for owning one.