Step Up to the Plate as Joey Bats in MLB 14: The Show's Challenge of the Week

The PS4 version of MLB 14: The Show is rapidly approaching, but for those of you already on the basepaths with the PS3 version you can step into the batter's box with a new Challenge of the Week.

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ftwrthtx3511d ago

Joey has some pop in that bat.


A Look at All of the Sports Games Available on Vita

VGChartz's Adam Cartwright: "This is the sixth entry in a series of articles I’m writing that will look at all of the games available in a particular genre on the Vita. The articles will highlight all Vita-native games, as well as any backwards-compatible PSP and PS1 titles that can be downloaded in English (i.e. from the EU or NA stores), and will include some commentary on how well those games run on Vita and whether they fill any missing gaps in the library."

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MLB 15 The Show Out Today on PS4, PS3, PS Vita

MLB 15 The Show Out Today on PS4, PS3, PS Vita

*Global server operation for MLB 14 The Show will be extended beyond June 18th.*

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SpinalRemains1383165d ago

Gonna DL this on Vita once it is done charging. Lets Go Mets!


Sony Killing MLB 14 Servers One Year After Release

For MLB 14 owners, playing online will soon prove impossible just a year after release.

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ValKilmer3179d ago

Wow, so games only have a one year lifecycle now?

That's terrible any way you slice it.

freshslicepizza3179d ago

if nobody plays then they can make a case but just to push people to buy the new one is not cool. good thing you can still play offline

XBLSkull3179d ago

Asking for a game boycott right there. Better lower your sales expectations for MLB 15 now Sony...

tinynuggins3179d ago

Seriously, MLB the show fans should raise hell so this doesn't become a trend.

Omegasyde3179d ago

It might be servers just in europe though look at the source.

I cant imagine an american baseball game doing well over.

Bigger news is that socom is officially dead and you can no longer go onle for ANY resistance games.

ChronoJoe3178d ago (Edited 3178d ago )

If it's just in Europe then I should let you know, they don't actually sell this game at retail over here. It's terribly unpopular in the UK.

Hardcoregamer missreporting things, again!

It would be worth reaching out an asking them to clarify if this is just UK, or Europe, or worldwide, but for the moment it's only on the UK Playstation site, so it seems unlikely they are shutting the servers down for the USA. If they were, it probably wouldn't be the UK site providing that information.

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mushroomwig3179d ago

'so games only have a one year lifecycle now? '

Sports games have always had a one year lifecycle.

ValKilmer3179d ago

I have friends who still play Madden 2012 online.

Not everybody can afford to buy roster update every year.

tinynuggins3179d ago

Doesn't matter, you don't take down the severs a year after the game launches. You're basically saying that if you want to play online you're just going to have buy our game every year. Kind of messed up.

HeavenlySnipes3179d ago

People are disagreeing but the NBA2k games die like a month after the next one releases, and I think its the same for Fifa

People think this is bad because they're not used to the online structure of sports games. Most people that play them buy them every year, it doesn't make sense financially to keep servers up for the minority that haven't moved on (plus they wouldn't even be able to support the old game any more)

MysticStrummer3179d ago

What Snipes said. I don't doubt that some people keep playing the older games, but I would bet that most sports game fans do move to the newest one every year.

Why o why3178d ago

People shouldn't be forced.....I agree with peoples angst.

andibandit3178d ago


Fifa does not die down after a month

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EvilWay3179d ago

Well let's be honest here. The servers for MLB the show are pure trash. The game is basically umplayable online because of the lag and delay.

Don't say it is my internet because I have150down 50upload and my friend has the same thing and we live like 15 minutes away still unplayable.

They need to invest in new servers because I never had this problem with 2k baseball it was usually playable, 2k basketball is another story however

ChronoJoe3178d ago

That doesn't make much sense because when you play 1 on 1 games it's always peer to peer, not routed through Sony's servers. Maybe the netcode is bad on the newer version, but it would not be the servers, causing your issue.

I haven't played the PS4 game, but when I played MLB 13 on PS3 it was always free of any visible lag. Perhaps it's a circumscribed netcode issue causing your difficulty.

CaptainObvious8783178d ago

You're better than this sony.

Not happy one bit.

spacedelete3178d ago

this is what happens when devs turn game into a service. they expect you throw away hundreds of dollars only to later say they are making the game obsolete and to do the same thing for their new version.

ThunderPulse3178d ago

I was going to buy MLB14 to play Co-op with a friend online so this is BS.

ManOfTheYear13178d ago

I have been so disappointed with Sony's last 2 MLB The Show titles I have gone back to playing MLB 2K13 which servers are STILL running. I played an online match last night. It even still has a pretty good community.

Sony FORCING their customers to have to upgrade to the next iteration if they want to play online (Which has always been crap due to either Sony's servers or a consistent issue with every MLB The Show title).

I have sworn off MLB The Show until they make a PS4 version from the ground up (Not ported from the PS3) and actually make better servers.

garos823178d ago

especially for the prices they charge for them these days

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4logpc3179d ago

Thats terrible Sony, Not everyone grabs the lastest version the day it hits.

gangsta_red3179d ago

That really sucks for people still playing 14. I guess with The Show 15 releasing soon Sony wants to promote that more instead to it's users.

That's really concerning when you look at things like PSNow and other pushes in the digital space.

And the cover of The Show 15 has Yasiel Puig from the LA Dodgers!? Instant fail!

Automatic793179d ago

I don't agree with this at least let the servers stay on for 5 years.