Fenix Rage might’ve been the best game at PAX East | GameZone Preview

GameZone: "Do you love Super Meat Boy? Enjoy difficult platformers where you’re definitely going to have deaths in the double digits before triumphantly beating a level? Then get ready for Fenix Rage, a 2D platformer that will undoubtedly remind you of Super Meat Boy but mixed with mechanics from Flappy Bird and Sonic the Hedgehog. And it might’ve been the best game at PAX."

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GotGame - 8 Minutes of Fenix Furia Gameplay with Ted Lange

"Ted Lange from Reverb Communications Triple XP is here to show us some single and multi-player action from the new retro style action platformer Fenix Furia. Check it out!"


Fenix Rage Coming soon to Playstation 4 And Xbox One Under Soon To Be Announced Name

Indie game developer Green Lava Studios has been hard at work finalizing the addictive 2D action platformer Fenix 4@93 on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. With brand new features, play modes, and fine-tuned gameplay, the frenzied platform experience everyone loved on PC has been perfected for current-gen consoles.

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I can't wait for this.


Fenix Rage Review - Gaming Nexus

From the review: "Fenix Rage is a pretty good game, but can also be a frustrating experience. If you don’t mind the fact that it could almost pass for a sequel to Super Meat Boy and that the difficulty curve is all over the place and can easily make you frustrated, it is an enjoyable experience. If any game needs Nintendo’s reminder to take a break now and then, this would be the one."

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