Hamster and Nippon Ichi partner up to bring Arcade Archives to PS4 "The Japanese PlayStation Store has a treasure trove of quality retro games from the PlayStation, PlayStation 2, and even non-PlayStation platforms like the TurboGrafx-16, under the Game Archives banner. Channeling that same idea, Hamster Corporation, and Nippon Ichi Software have partnered up to bring a new arcade collection to PlayStation 4 in Japan. The games will support online leaderboards, as well as PS4′s various Share functions. Each of the twenty titles announced will cost 823yen."

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Mankey3091d ago

Why do North America and Europe not get more of these?

There's a fairly sizable audience for Retro games and it costs almost nothing to simply release them on PSN.

sinncross3090d ago

Well they are 2 Japanese companies, maybe they are just doing the standard announce for Japan first.
Also it really depends on who owns the licenses for these games outside of Japan (if that is an issue of course).

I just find it strange these are not headed to the PSV as well, especially with handhelds being more popular in Japan.

Either way its cool. Good thing PS4 is region free if you really want to play these.

Omegasyde3090d ago

Sadly, some of these "retro" games have better graphics than most indies.